Monday, November 22, 2010

Well this week we had a few people show up to church. One of them we have been teaching on and off (mostly because we can't find him ever) we talked with him on Saturday and a co-worker/friend was there so we taught the restoration to them again. Well this man that we can't ever find is named Hector and well he bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the prophet Joseph Smith so that was a bit of a surprise, we didn't know he had a testimony. He'll have to change a few things in his life and we're not sure if he understands everything but that was a pleasant surprise.

So we also had that friend of his show up, Domingo is his name. That was also a great surprise. He doesn't live in our area but he'll be taught by two other elders.

Also we had Irene and Alejando show up which has a miracle attached to it. Irene in Relief Society (as every sister in the ward tried to tell us afterwards) that in the morning while she was ironing the shirts that they were going to use for church all of the electricity went out. So she said ok God we're not going to church in wrinkly shirts so if you want us to go I need electricity. In that instant the electricity went back on! Oh the tender mercies of the Lord! So they came and both participated and loved it. Also their two kids went to primary and loved it! We just need to teach a few things before they make their first covenants with the Lord in their baptism!

Well not much else happened this week, just lots and lots of rain again. It's definitely getting hotter too!

Well this is the Lord's work and His glory to bring to pass our happiness for eternity!

Have a great week. Chau!