Monday, December 31, 2012

Well Acea you first need to have a desire to do well in your classes, not just whimsical wanting but a real desire is to pay the price to achieve what you want to achieve. In terms of studying for math it is easy to study because you just have to master and be comfortable knowing how to do the math. If they still have that math center, go to that and if you have any questions ask them to explain. For English I am not that great, but there is a writing center where the computers are and you can go there to get help making your paper good and getting started. There is always a least a little bit of extra credit; when it comes up take advantage of it. The remedy is to study your heart out, always be taking notes and reading the material needed. And what helped me a lot was to study for 30 mins in the scriptures before I studied and it was a lot more pleasant. If you are not already taking institute class, they also help a lot by having the spirit with you during the day to not get stressed out and learn well. These are just some things that helped me so remember I am not the smartest guy on the block but because of the force of will and hard work I was able to get pretty good grades and you can too, you smart devil you.

Finishing my mission is a bitter sweet thing. I want to share and baptize more people and the experience is so great, but when you are working so hard for your whole mission, you get tired and you know that it is time to finish your time allotted to us and use it well. Don't worry here in Valinhos where I will probably end my mission has is a lot more work to be done. My goal for these last 3 months is to help 10 children of our Heavenly Father enter into the waters of baptism. I have never done this in such little time but with the help of Heavenly Father and our unrelentless work we will achieve this desire.

This last week for church we were able to get one of our investigators to church who is really devote in his other religion but we will work with him this week to try to help him know these things are true so that he can be baptized soon. We also have a few other people that we are trying to get baptized but they need to go to church first.

Well I don't have too much time but I just what to tell you all that I love you so very much!


Elder Sands

Monday, December 17, 2012

Well I don't exactly know the time next week to Skype maybe it will be 5-6 my time in the evening but we need to ask the member to see what time we can do it at his house.

Well this week has been raining quite a bit, we just hit the Brazilian raining season, but it helps keep us cool from the intense heat. We worked our tails off this week contacting all of the people that already went to church in the area book to see if they can get baptized last week, but it turned out that they all need to get marred so we will work with a few promising families. Yesterday the only investigator that went to church was Eilton who is ready to get baptized; all he needs to do is plan to get married here soon with his girlfriend he is living with, and they live in another city and want to get baptized here, but he is planning on moving her to Valinhos. Our stake president already okay-ed that we can teach him we just need to get the OK from President Perrotti.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at the Church building on Friday and a lot of people brought friends and we were able to contact them to pass by and teach. On Saturday too we had a Christmas presentation at the temple of choirs and a lot of people bought friends and family and we were able to teach a lot of people and references for other missionaries in the other areas. And we got to sing silent night that was pretty neat and people said that the missionary choir was the most spiritual so I hope people were changed by the spirit.
I might send another Short email in a few days to see what time exactly I will be skyping you, and did you already send to package?


Love Elder Sands

Monday, December 10, 2012

On Christmas it will probably be at night my time so maybe around lunch your time or yearly afternoon and that should be really great.

This week was really good we were running around trying to contact a lot of references we have been given. We were able to talk to a lot of them but they didn't really pan out but I felt great knowing we did our part. But this week we are going to go with our ward mission leader and hit up a neighborhood that we all think will bring a lot of fruits and get many results. We are getting to be great friends with the members and we have had so many people invite us to Christmas it created conflicts. This ward is very capable with many well off members they work wonderfully together to plan activities and are very missionary minded and they are able to use their great influence to bring many people to actives so that we can then teach all of them.


Elder Sands

Monday, December 3, 2012

That is great Acea that you are doing well in college it was my favorite part of high school and I learned a lot of how to study and spend a lot of time learning.

To answer your question I am in the city of Valinhos which is 10 min away from Campinas and 15 minutes away from the temple and it sounds like the family we helped baptized last year will be going to the temple the 22 of December so I will be going to the temple for that.

Something really cool happened on Saturday. We weren't with anyone to baptize this week and really no progressing investigators and all of the sudden we got a call of Flavio Cooper who is the first councilor to president Perroiti and said that his mom, Maria Thereza, after 38 years wants to be baptized so we hurried and called the district leader over and he gave her the interview and the next day she was baptized with her great grandson it was truly a miracle that helped us be even more excited to work here.

We are finding so more people, but in the meantime we are helping a young man in the ward get over his struggle with drugs and we are helping as much as we can this family. Really we are trying to serve this ward with anything we can find and they are starting to recognize that we are here to help and be a blessing rather than being a problem.

Let me know what time would be good for you guys for Skype on Christmas so we can plan it soon.


Elder Sands