Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodness, with Jeff (Elder Winkfield) returning from his mission, I'm going to be the only one in the ward serving! Come on guys, I don't want to be out here all alone!

As for celebrating my birthday; actually, I kind of forgot all about it. It wasn't until a member asked "Your birthday is today ¿no? I was like ummm (looked at my watch for the date) and said yeah, it is. So that's two years in a row that I have forgotten my birthday. But thanks Ashley Simpson and Hna Robledo! I wouldn't have even remembered these two years if it weren't for them.

I heard about Brother (Dr.) Rawlins helping in Haiti; that is so great that he was willing and able to do that. We had heard that is was about completely destroyed! Sounds kind of like the last days. We've actually had a lot of people ask us to pray for the Haitian people as we've talked to them.

As for transfers, everything stayed the same so I'm probably going to stay here in Olavarría for probably three more months but the President may do something different. As for investigators there is an interesting thing with the Famaly Villar; they're not really in our Branch. It is a really complicated situation with them but they are so ready to get baptized. We've also found a ton of new people to teach. We're really trying to organize ourselves a bit better and it's working out great.

Well thanks everyone and have a great week.

Chou, Elder Sands

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don’t really remember what I wrote last week but the Family Villar well we again have a date for them to get baptized. The father has to quit smoking but he’s really determined and they’re all really excited to get baptized. It’s really weird we have to teach them so much in so little time. The thing is they’re never home together so it was really hard to get citas (appointments) with them. We’re going to be reviewing stuff the day of the baptism with them. There is also another girl named Stephania that goes to another church that uses a lot of psychological stuff with a little bit of God mixed in to make people feel good. They’re really big around here but she asked, “Why do I feel good there but also I feel really good when I read the Book of Mormon?” I just said that it’s because they do have a God and other good things that help people but they don’t have it all and because you know that the Book of Mormon is true that means that they can’t have it all and that the happiness you feel when you’re there can’t last forever. It’s so true. There are people out that do a lot of good but it won’t bring eternal happiness. Only the authority of God given to man and our effort to do the best will bring the mercy of God into our lives completely. I know that’s true without a doubt because the Book of Mormon is the word of God that’s what it all comes down to; your testimony of that book.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Sands

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry I'm writing a day late. We didn't have internet yesterday for technical errors.

So as for the things that happened this week; well pretty much everything bad that could have happened didn't happen. Thank goodness, but it still wasn't that terribly great.

Our family that is getting baptized (famaly Villar) they I think were out of town so they couldn't make it to church and we couldn't contact them at all. They're now alright but only have Sundays free. So we're going to have to teach them all really fast and in just a few visits in order to baptize them in January. I'm not really sure if they're going to get baptized in January because of the situation. Also I think I'm leaving here the 24th too so I probably won't be around to see their baptism. Such is the life.

We taught this great guy yesterday. We actually were passing by for his wife but to our complete surprise he let us in and he is great; so prepared. It was a fantastic lesson and he loved it all. His name is Marcelo.

All of the others that we were trying to teach went on vacation, so they're all going to get back after I'm probably going to be gone.

Yesterday we went to centro (like downtown) and my companion was looking around for stuff to buy because he is going back to Canada in March. So he was kind of window shopping and I learned later a game that is very Argentine it's called truco and it's really fun.

Well I have to go but thanks for everything!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You know what i hate cameras! I killed almost half of my time this camera works but I can’t take them out more than one at a time! grrr o well there is a saying here es lo que hay. so mom I expect to come back and see a lot less of you hahaha really bad joke! So Sebring is finished with scouts, that’s awesome, 7 palms! I didn't think I liked scouts a whole bunch when I was in it, but I’m glad I did all of that stuff now. Yeah I want to hear the songs! Has Sebring done his senior project or still no also what classes is he talking?

This week was HOT! I heard it’s pretty cold up there but as for us down here, it’s terrible, really humid and really hot and every 4 days or so we have a storm. The weather is crazy down here in Argentina. I had a friend ask if it’s cold down here; I just saw that and laughed! I would rather be in snow than rain, but at least I’m not burning at all.

So as for the people we’re working with; there is a family of three that are friends of some of the members that just showed up one Sunday! They have now gone 6 times and we finally took out the date of baptism with them and it’s really soon and they aren’t ever home at the same time so we are going to be over there a ton of times! Also we Baptized Andrea! She’s one of those people that are just golden! She did everything perfectly. She went to church, she never had questions because she always understood everything. She’s great and also her daughter who is turning 8 next month is probably going to get baptized too!

Well I had problems with the camera again and I lost some time, but next week hopefully I’ll be able to send some more pictures.

Thanks for everything, chou!

Elder Sands