Monday, December 27, 2010

This past week was difficult as not much happened due mostly to lack of time on our part and on the part of the people.

This coming week is also going to be interesting because my companion can’t walk. He has some serious knee problems and this week we’re going to be getting every test that we can think of. This will allow the president; my comp and his parents to make the best decision. So with all of that in mind I’m a bit frustrated.

Elder Garcia and I we worked so hard and nothing really happened. We saw a lot of good people get really, really close to making covenants with our Heavenly Father and then get cold feet or not do their part to receive the blessings. However the work of the Lord moves on.

Again this week we will be in clinics and hospitals probably all week! It will be interesting to see what doors the Lord opens in this different setting, so I’ll let all of you know how it goes.

We’ve already received a lot of support from the members here who are already trying to make plans so that we can still teach but it’s going to be difficult but then again, nothing worthwhile in life is easy! So we’ll really all we have to get the spirit and do all we can to help all the people we can!

Thanks for everything and Have a great week.

Elder Sands

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It’s Christmas! And it’s really, really hot down here. Yesterday it got up to 96 degrees! Anyway I figured I’d give you all the gift that is the dearest thing I own.

I KNOW that God lives, He loves us more than we can imagine and He wants the best for us. His son Jesus Christ also loves us so much He gave more than just His life for us, He gave all He is for us! He wants us to be perfect so that we can become like Him and have the same happiness that He has. He’s given us the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon so that we can know how we can do our best to achieve this perfection. He has also given us a prophet, even Thomas S. Monson who leads us as the mouthpiece of God. I KNOW all of this because I’ve done what I could to be ready and prepared to receive an answer from God by His Spirit. He answered me! I KNOW that it is all true and that with the help and through the atonement of Christ we might all be with our Father in Heaven again someday.


Love Elder Sands

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First off I’m writing today because my comp was sick yesterday and by the time he felt better, we had to go to an appointment, so I’m letting you know I’m fine and you’ll get everything next week.


Elder Sands

Monday, December 6, 2010

This week was slow. The only people that seemed to be there were members that are less active.

I’m devastated to think how the gospel could change some peoples, so many people’s lives, if only they would listen for a half-hour!

But something interesting that did happen, my last comp Elder Vazquez contacted me to tell me that he is going to a different area a little bit early so he gave a report. Some of the investigators that he and I were teaching when I left, many have been baptized! The mother and daughter of Andre; Nilda and Coti, the lady from the Dominican Republic; Gorgina, the granddaughter of one of the members; Sofia (and her dad too!), the daughter of a less active family that we were working with; Natalia (I had only met her like once), and a random contact that I remember meeting one night in the busy part of downtown; Norma (and her daughter!), all baptized! So he didn’t really want to go but then again I didn’t want to either. It’s wonderful to know all of these people and the happiness that they now have and to think that so many more could feel that same way, have those and more blessings... if only they would listen. How many of us are listening to Him when he calls. I pray that we might always hear Him when he’s trying to help us, comfort us and guide us.

Have a great week and I love you all. Chau!

Elder Sands