Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you so much for sending the thoughts from Grandma's funeral, they were really nice! It's so true too; she obviously was an excellent mother because, well she raised Mom and she turned out all right! Jajaja Love you mom! Wow, so now I don't have any living grandparents or great; that's sort of sobering to think about. And wow, Chloe looks so different! And Sebring you need to cut your hair! Jajaja

Well as for things going on here: yesterday was the 200th anniversary of the first attack on the Spanish here in Argentina to kick them out and it was a huge celebration! They made the biggest flag in the world here in Miramar, well the longest and wow it was long. How long I don't remember and I didn't see it but some members were telling me about it.

It's been raining a ton here! There is mud everywhere! It's pretty annoying and one set of shoes are kind of wrecked out a little bit so I used the doc martins and well I'm glad I have them because they're great for the mud.

So Mauro is getting baptized on Saturday! He's so good. We went over the baptismal interview questions yesterday with him and he's so ready!

So it sounds like all is well in Spokane. I could use some summer like conditions; it's just rains and rains and rains some more! Walking the streets with all of this mud that I was telling you about is really an interesting task!

Well I have to go now but thanks for everything!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So sorry, I don’t have very much time today. I have a bunch of stuff to write to the Mission President about but I'll share one experience.

There’s a guy that’s here that is incredible. He’s going to be getting baptized on the 29th of this month and he’s just so prepared. Even better, he’s 22. So we’re going to start talking to him about going on a mission. His name is Mauro Chapa and he’s the family member of a member that lives out here. He’s really excited to learn and well, he’s great. I really got to go.

Chao! Elder Sands

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well this week was pretty awesome. First I had zone conference and it was kind of weird. All of the workshops that the missionaries gave were so-so. However, President Detlefsen talked for a long time and it was amazing! I can't believe (actually I can) how every time, he knows exactly what I need to hear. I'm really going to try changing stuff that I do for personal study; so I can learn more and help my investigators more as well. So zone conference was amazing.

Also we had interviews and the President had us prepare a sheet that had challenges that we have had, blessings that we have had, goals we have and other similar things. We got to talk a little bit about that and it helped me out a lot with some of the things that I was struggling with.

Sunday morning an investigator that we have came to us and said he wanted to get baptized. He went to church on Sunday and he's going to be getting baptized the 29th of May! He's really excited and he understands everything! He also already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church and the prophet Joseph Smith! So he's awesome.

Also on Sunday, it being Mother's Day, I got to talk with the family! It was kind of weird; I'm not going to lie to talk to them again. They also told me that Acea is now taller than Sebring, how weird!

Well today we went and saw sea lions. They are the nastiest creatures I've ever smelt! They were so bad I was gagging! Not the most pleasant but we took a whole bunch of pictures of the sea in Mar del Plata as a district and wow is was fun. We then we went and had an asado which is like a barbeque but argie style; really good.

Well anyway I wanted to share a thought from the zone conference. The President referred to something that he noticed in 1 Nefi Chapter 2. They talk about how they left their home. They left everything to go to the desert which has nothing! They were obedient and when they found water what do they do, they give thanks because they now had water. They probably didn't give thanks when they were in their home because it was something mundane that they had all of the time but now they realized what the Lord gave them so they gave thanks. How many times do we forget to give thanks for the mundane things in life? Probably too often so I'm trying to focus a little bit more on the things that I take for granted and give thanks to the Lord!

Well thanks and have a great week everyone.

Elder Sands

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I heard from Sister Jones that a ton of General Authorities have been up there in Spokane! Crazy and all while I’m gone! It’s alright though, I have my own share. We had Stake conference; yeah stake conference, my first one since being on a mission. Anyway it was attended by Elder Sergio Avila. He, in the session for the adults (the best meeting I’ve ever been to in the church every time!) he talked about the plan of salvation. He explained things in a very different kind of way that just put more depth to the plan. One scripture he read was in D&C 93:33-34. The plan of salvation is so perfect our Heavenly Father knows what we need in order to be perfectly happy and he’s provided the way for us to obtain that. All we have to do is our part not because that’s the way he wants it, but because that is what we need to do to apply the atonement in our lives. That is how things are; those are the laws of heaven, and not even God can break them, because he made them. He loves us so much and so does our Savior! How blessed we are to know about all of this!

Well thanks so much for everything, chao, and we’ll talk Sunday!

Elder Sands