Monday, January 28, 2013

This week has been wonderful. On Tuesday we brought one of our progressing investigators to the temple; it was wonderful, it always wonderful visiting the temple. On these temple trips My companion has be talking it upon himself to talk about the Temple and we showed Valter the Ensign temple addition and we could all feel the spirit strongly, and we are planning to have him baptised this Sunday.

Elder Ribeiro is a great missionary and person who is trying to overcome his personal weaknesses, and it was great to see him being led by the spirit to bless other people's lives. Afterwards we went to go eat pamonha which is a sweet corn mass wrapped up in corn husks which is really good.

On Wednesday we had planned and practiced a very special lesson about the Pplan of Salvation with an emphasis on baptism and that was a powerful lesson that helped our investigator Anderson understand and feel the importance of being baptised, and he accepted to really do everything to find out if this is indeed the true church of Christ and we are seeing a great progress. Also his wife Carol his helping him read learn and they are both excited this is great.

We also had an Activity of the Italian pizza we invited a recent convert and he brought two friends, it was great to see them getting to know the other members and to feel more comfortable in the church building so I hope one of this days they will have a desire to go on Sunday.

On Sunday we had 4 investigators who came which made us very happy to see results to our work and we are still trying to help that couple from the other city marry and be baptised but it is still down the road a little bit.


Love Elder Sands

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Work is going great this week; it was a week of blessings. We were able to teach our investigators every day this last week, with members, it was great to have everything come together. We were able to find several great investigators and two of them went to church. One is Juilano; we found him right outside of his house and we talked with him and we came back to teach him and we gave him a ride to church. He wants to get baptized but sees the need to repent to change his life and we are helping him quite smoking and drinking. He is great because he really has real intent to fulfill his commitments. The other investor's name is Anderson, he is the husband of a less active member that has lived in Valinhos for about a year and a half that no one knew about. We found them on the ward member list. He has been to church several times but has not found that desire to be baptized. Last week we taught them with a member. He went to church yesterday so this week we are going to use the spirit to prick his heart to get baptized this week. We are seeing some great progress in the people that we are finding that are really ready to accept the restored gospel. We just need to sometimes overcome the trail of faith to see the promised blessings of the Lord and not forgetting to do all we can to do his will.

Thank you for the help!

Love Elder Sands

Monday, January 14, 2013

This week has been raining a lot, this month of January is the rainy month with almost every day the water comes down from the heavens but it is great to get some cooler weather.

We have been in the hunt for investigators to increase our teaching pool but it is going a little bit slower than we would have liked it to grow because we find people but it is hard finding them in their houses because everyone here works a lot. We found a less active member whose husband is not yet a member and we invited them to go to an activity on Saturday and they went so that is showing progress. We are also teaching a couple I think I have already mentioned where Elton and Jo need to be married but they live in another city but it looks like that they want to be baptized here and attend here so we are talking to the stake president to see what he thinks of the matter.

All is good my companion Elder Ribeiro. He is really great and he wants to change his mission to be the best missionary he can be so we are working together on a few goals to help us both grow and to the best amount of good we can.



Elder Sands

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well last week was transfers and Elder Conner left and he went to open an area and train which will be good for him. I am with my 14th companion who is Elder Riberio from Curitiba and a cool thing is he has 20 siblings; 18 adopted, 3 biological.

This week has been good we were in the hunt for new, good and promising investigators but it is hard work finding the kind that want to go to church. I feel like we are doing very well following up with people to go to church and other commitments, but it is like you asked me a few months ago, how to get people to commit, there is no real secret, you just have to find the people that are ready and keep commitments, so the work continues.

I got the package last week during transfers. Thank you so much it was great and the candy was great and the other 3 missionaries thank you guys a lot too. I saved some to give to a member family that is curious to try some American candy and maybe we will eat dinner with them on my birthday on Wednesday.

I am glad Acea benefited from the things I said I hope it helps him to do very well at college and who knows, maybe he will help my relearn math and other things I have forgotten.

One last this did you guys get an email of my itinerary? If not it should be coming soon. That's all.


Elder Sands