Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Very clever Acea, Maybe a little cruel, but I know you would do something cool because you are very very creative and that is why you do so well creating music and other neat things, who will you go with, what is her name?

Well I have some terrible news, the whole mission is terribly sad because of this; we learned in a leadership meeting on Tuesday that President Tanner will end his mission at the end of two years which is this July. We only have 4 months with him before he goes home. If you didn't know, President Tanner has a disease that weakens his legs and other parts of is body, sometimes he can't walk very well because his is in a lot of pain. When Elder Ballard and Anderson came to the mission they noticed he didn't look very well and they spoke with President Monson and he will be released in July. We will get another president, President Perrotti a Brazilian, I think he will be good because his was the church director of seminary here in Brazil and loves working with youth.

The work is progressing, this last Sabbath day we had many miracles happen. One is that we received a reference from a member and that she is very interested and we will plan to teach her and plan her baptism for the 11 of March. We taught a man whose name is Caio we found and we went to church, yesterday I was on a division with Elder Gilherme, the Zone leader, and we helped him mark the date 18 of March to be baptized. With our hard work the lord is giving us the blessings and we are seeing them in abundance. A few weeks ago I was not sure how we will succeed to baptize people this month but I knew it will work out and after the test of our faith we can see.

Thank you very much for the support and love


Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The mission field is a wonderful thing, and to feel the spirit of this work is wonderful.

We have been working to find the elect here in Perdoes and to find families to teach and help them receive the blessings of baptism and other ordinances of the gospel. We have been working as much as we can and we have found people that are receptive, the only thing to do now is help them recognize an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and the necessity to follow this answer. We are working with a young Woman, Katia who is the granddaughter of a sister in the ward, we have been helping her receive a desire to really pray about the Book of Mormon and see the importance of baptism and we will go with another member to help her feel the desire to really know. We found a family who the mom gathered all of the kids and husband to hear our lesson, I have never seen this on my mission, they accepted baptism and everything, but when we were marking the date for the to be baptism they were with doubt because they were baptized in the Catholic church and so on, we taught that a baptism is valid only with age of accountability, immersion, and with authority of God, we gave them the Book of Mormon and to pray to see if they need to be baptized again by whom that has authority of God and they accepted to read pray and visit the church. We continue to do our part to preach the gospel and with a little faith they will receive this answer from the Spirit and will be baptized.

That is wonderful that Acea will go to Eastern and didn't even take a test, did the rules change? It would be good if you can send me some of Acea's music and some piano music of hymns of the church and other songs. And I would love to see some pictures from the Priest Laurel dinner Dance, and who will he go with and how did he ask?

Tchau Tchau

Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How are you all doing?

I heard about Karyl it is wonderful to hear that she is okay and that she will get a new car. I hope you Dad will get better, it is helps you here in Sao Paulo the weather has been about 90-95 degrees for many weeks and will start to get a little bit colder in a month or so.

This week has been great, I feel that I am learning many things every day and it is great because this helps, in not only missionary work but also after my mission too. We are helping a great daughter of a member here in perdoes prepare to be baptized in the coming weeks, I feel that the lord is helping with our investigators and with our work, but I know that we need to work harder. Today I had the privilege to climb to the Top of pedra grande, about a 2 hour trip to the top in a pretty steep incline. It brought back the wonderful memories of the 50 miler and camping trip with the other young men in our ward, it gives my better feeling know that they are or preparing to serve missions and enter into this wonderful work.


Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We both stayed in Perdoes for at least one more transfer, I will finish the training of Elder Inácio and I think I will leave but anything could happen. This last weekend We had the baptism of Antonio who is the dad of Uriel who was baptized the 15 of January, it was truly a miracle because his wife wasn't very interested never went to the church with him and he seemed he was without destion, but we said how are you feeling about your baptism this week, because it was marked a few weeks ago, there was silence, and he said, what time will it be. I was utterly trilled and we hurried to plan a interview and planed the baptism. The baptism was wonderful and we Had seen the gospel changed his life.

This week we had decided to work in a neighborhood we haven't worked in, we didn't have any investigators in that area. When I arrived here 3 months ago there was nothing resent the Area book, we only had old investigators  8 months ago, and the people we had baptized had been references from the members and in other areas in the city. We both agreed to work there, it has been a little rough be we know that there are people waiting to hear the Gospel we just need to go find them. We are thinking of more ways to use the members and we are creating a atmosphere of success to help everyone in the Branch help. There is much work to do and with the lords help we will do it.


Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This last week has really changed many things, one is that I have more energy and hope and faith to find the people that are prepared and waiting to be baptized. Last week was tough, but I look back now and see that Heavenly father was helping me learn many things with these hardships. We started out rough and end with not much success. Every appointment that we had fell through, 2 baptisms that were mark for this Sunday fell through, we only found 6 people, we had some days were we taught 2 people. I was thinking a lot what am I doing wrong, what do we need to do to find people ready to hear the gospel, how can we plan differently to be more effective, which neighborhood to work in, what do we need to do differently to receive revelation for our area, do I have faith to find these people? Then on Saturday we have the great privileged to learn from two apostles, President Jay Jenson, and other 70's. They spoke about the simple but powerful truth of the Restoration. They spoke about how we need to use the first vision to invite the spirit to change the hearts of people. For every person that has served a mission or has taught with the missionaries, when we retail the first vision of Joseph Smith you can fell the spirit stronger than the other parts of the lesson. Elder Ballard bore his testimony that is we trust in the spirit and share this experience with all the sincerity of our hearts, the spirit will enter and change the hearts of people. I felt hope and my faith grew knowing that we can find with the spirit and teach with the power of the spirit. We started this strong were we have found many great people, preparing to be baptized in a few weeks. 2 or 3 new investigators are good but our goal and our potential is to find 20 by the end of the week and help them prepare to enter the waters of baptism. we are helping the Dad of a young man we baptized a few weeks ago be baptized too and we are helping his mom enter the waters of baptism, what a wonderful work this is and how the lord helps us weak 19 year old boys do miracles and help our brothers and sisters return to the presence of our Father.

Thank you for the support and the love, I am very very excited that been has received his call to serve in West Virginia it will change his life, and really it doesn't matter where you serve but how you dedicate your mission to the Lord.


Elder Sands