Monday, October 29, 2012

That is cool Acea that you are liking Eastern it was 100 percent harder for me but you have many wonderful talents that will help you a lot. Did you guys get the DVD I sent in the mail?

I have a few things to report to you guys this week. First, because of the nature of our area, to do things differently and to help change the people's vision of the church and find a new way to find people we starting an English class. A member made simple invites and we have already given out almost 200 invites to everyone we see on street. There wasn't anyone that went last week, but this week all of the members are inviting people and we are going to get a banner and professional invites here soon.

Work was a little difficult this week. First we had a lot of rain; last Friday we got caught with hurricane force winds and rain. We just got soaked. I don't know why we were literally dancing and singing in the rain because this is the Lords work and he is looking out for us.

This last week we found a great guy, his name is Daniel and he just loves having us over and he is reading and praying; wanted Heavenly Father change his heart, but he wasn't able to come to church this week, but he will.

I am glad to say that we are working our best finding new ways to find and teach people so they can accept the gospel through baptism and confirmation. This is truly a wonderful work we have the privilege to be a part of.

Tchau Family

Elder Sands

Monday, October 22, 2012

The great question was asked, how do you get someone to commit. In Brazil, many Brazilians don't know how to commit to things; they usually accept everything, but don't follow through. But there are a few things you can do that help a lot. Commitments are a good way to find the elect. If the investigator is not committing then really they need to be dropped or put off to the side a bit. It is important to find their interest level the first visit. You can tell they have a little interested because they accepted the missionaries to teach them and with that you can help someone to commit. The missionaries could say, are you wanting to know if the book of Mormon really is true? Do you want to receive blessings in your life? (Promise specific blessings) then you need to go to church. Something like that. Then you boldly commit them, will you read the book of Mormon tonight? Will you come to church with us this Sunday? Will you keep the word of wisdom? Will you be baptised by whom that has authority from God? if they accept then it is important to follow up every day whether by visit or by phone so that they remember their commitment and to get them excited.  When committing, the missionaries always need to promise blessings and give there strong testimony like we learn in Preach my Gospel. If they just don't accept you can't do anything about it, they won't progress or get baptised so the only thing to do is leave the investigator in the Area book and move on. If they accept even if it is halfhearted you can show you excitement, and when they let you down by not doing what they promised to do, do like Elder Holland said, be devastated. Let them know they not only let down the missionaries, but more importantly they let down the Lord. Really inviting anyone to do anything in the first lesson is a great way to know if they will get baptised or not, and if they don't want to get baptised in the end then staying there is not fulfilling our missionary purpose. I hope this answers the question. Really is just depends on the agency of people if they want to accept or not, so the only thing we can really do is our part.

This week was great, we didn't find very many people, but we did our very best. Elder Millard and I were trying to come up with ideas of what we can do to find people. We had the idea to put a Book of Mormon in a tree and someone grabbed it, we started getting to know the workers in stores that we planned to visit every day like an ice cream shop, a small grocery store, and some other ideas. We didn't see much progress this week but we are happy and excited. Joao this week was hard to talk to, his is losing interest fast and we can never find him to teach and help him progress we are just hoping now that he will go to Church for a second time. Marcia too was hard to talk to this week because she wasn't at home at night the whole week. Tough times happen but the Lord will bless us for our effort in his time.

If you have any other question feel free to ask.

Love you all

Elder Sands

Monday, October 15, 2012

This last week we had transfers and I got another American named Elder Millard who is from the other Side of Washington. He is cool and has a lot of ideas of what we can to find more investigators. We are planning to teach an English class this next week to spark a new interest in the people in our area.

We are working with two people. One is Marcia who is ready to be baptised but wants her husband to do it. His is Ausgtino who is a member returning to activity and he don't feel ready at the moment because of the doubt he has about going back to the catholic church or not and thinks that he needs to be utterly perfect, but the bishop and us will do our best to prepare him as quickly as possible. We even had a wonderful FHE where we watched The Restoration and the Bishop dedicated the home. We are also teaching Joao Victor who is a friend of a member, we are teaching him and marked his baptism and he was excited, but the next day he was unsure about baptism but we gave him more excitement to read and pray. We haven't been to get a hold of him since Friday so I hope we can find him today.

I hope everyone is doing great

Have a great week

Love Elder Sands

Monday, October 8, 2012

General conference was great, but each time it seems like it goes by faster and faster. I loved the talks by Elder Holland Elder Eyring in the Priesthood session and many more. The unspoken theme seemed to be how to really be converted to Christ. And the mission age was a little surprising. Today is the Last day of the transfer and my companion is getting transferred. I am excited to stay in the area we are going to have a few baptisms in a little bit, but we need to think of a different way to work here.

The time is passing by and we learn new things, I have seen that I have learn and changed quite a bit this past year and half and seeing how the Lord has helped me change through the refiners fire. The Ward is growing and the members have a lot, more excitement for the work last week our mission president came to our area and taught everyone how easy and natural it is sharing the gospel and also gave me more hope and excitement of how we can work in this area.

We are trying to help the same wife of a returning member get baptized but she wants to have her husband baptize her but his testimony is weak and there has been some problems and we are hoping with our help and of the Lord she will be baptized her in a little bit. We are teaching a young man who was brought to Church by his friend who was baptized 6 months ago, we trying teaching his parents but they are not really interested in the church but gave us permission to baptize there son so we will be on that her in a little bit.

I saw those pictures and everyone is a lot bigger it will be a little weird going back and see what has changed.

Love you all


Monday, October 1, 2012

That is good you are liking college Acea it was way better but way harder than high school, just study until your eyes fall out and you will be ok!

This week was a lot better and we are seeing more progress and ideas of what we can do to work and find people in our area. Yesterday we had a fireside with our mission President in the ward and a lot of people went. We had invited him almost 3 months ago to get the ward excited for missionary work and to really talk to people about the gospel. He gave a lot of personal experiences to show how easy and natural sharing the gospel is. With any conversation it can quickly lead to opportunities to bear your testimony our give a pass-along card. It doesn't matter if people accept or not we need to plant seeds in any person at any time. I learned a lot about to not get down on myself if it seems things aren't going so well just give the Lord a chance in anything that you do.

I am excited to watch General Conference it may be my last one in the field.

Love Elder Sands