Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today for P-day we were out here in Miramar alone and so we walked the beach. We’re allowed to do it during the winter and we had a ton of fun. We saw a bunch of really cool stuff; we even saw a penguin! It was awesome. Next week I’ll write a lot more. I’m sorry pictures speak a thousand words so I’m trying to get those up but the computers are giving me problems and we got here really late today because my companion doesn’t know his way around and I have like only 5 days here so even less me.

Well thanks for all of your support and love and have a great week. chou!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm now writing from Mar del Plata, a huge city that is well right on the ocean which is horrible. It makes me miss swimming but it’s absolutely beautiful. I'm in Mar del Plata right now for P-day but I’ve been transferred and I am now assigned to Miramar which translated means look at the ocean. Yeah and that's what it's like too. It is fairly big and it has an amazing beach. We're allowed to go there right now because no one is ever down there. It's a small branch and the only branch in this stake. Yep, I'm not in a district anymore but I happen to get the only branch in the stake, funny I think.

Well Ivan got baptized! He’s so great. His family I think will follow him with time also there is another family that went that will get baptized; they're well on their way.

Here in Miramar we have some investigators but not many. One kid is going to get baptized supposedly Sunday but I still have to see if he's been taught enough. Well that's pretty much all for right now. I have to go because we had to navigate this giant city and my comp Elder Carter from Utah, nor I, know anything or much about the busses and such. So we finally figured out what we were going to do but now we're going to be late. So such is life. Alright, love all of you and have a great week and hopefully pictures will be coming, chou!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everything is good down here in Olavarría. We should be having a baptism this weekend! It's Ivan the son of the lady from the kiosko. She is probably going to follow her son not too long afterward. Also we've found a ton of great people this last two weeks or so. There's a family that is complete with 6 kids that are amazing the father lived in the states for 20 years speaks English very well too. Anyway the other people with whom he mostly grew up with are all members so we found his wife in the street. We talked with her and well we took out an appointment. And they're pretty much golden. The only thing is they live really close to another church building but they're part of our branch so it's a little bit interesting getting them to church. Also there are some women that all have kids and were all separated for bad relationships so we're teaching them and they felt the peace that the Book of Mormon brings when they read it so we're trying to get them to church too this weekend.

So all in all a good week, we'll see what the next one has in store! Thanks for everything and Sister Jones I got your letter just a little bit ago, I'll answer it next week! chou!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conference; I love conference! A few interesting things; first I got to watch it in English and wow I love the gospel! Funny note I was in that same room as I was in the last conference and I saw someone that was with me in that room six months ago in the choir from Saturday afternoon! I loved Elder Holland's talk. He gives us at the end the guidelines to avoid all sin in our lives, that was awesome. Also President Uchtdorf's talk from priesthood about patience, I wish I would have heard that one in the MTC it would have helped me a lot but wow it's so true we have to be so much more patient! Amazing conference and so many talked about the family. I think I know what the Lord wants us to focus on! Wow I'm so animated!

Here in Argentina it was a little bit weird because we have to watch it later. The priesthood session went until eleven and that's past my bedtime! Jajaja. All of you that didn't get the chance to listen to conference; do it. It will bless your life in so many ways if we follow those things they say. We'll be happier, I can testify to that.

Have a great week everyone! chou!

Elder Sands