Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This week I have to notes ummm sorry things about news two things of news que sé yo i don’t know English anymore. So first of all there aren’t supermarkets in Argentina well not really. But the 4 kisocos in our area are all on vacations except one so we went there and the lady who was working said hay elder I want my kid to get baptized he’s got 11 years and so what do I have to do or does he have to do to get baptized? Can you say miracle! We were a little bit surprised by that. Pleasantly surprised. We also got stopped in the street Monday by a lady that had a ton of questions that she wants to ask us and when she gets that answer she’s going to realize that this church is something more than just another church. It’s like my mission president said, when we get the answers to the questions of our souls that’s were the conversion happens.

So also the second Wal-Mart in the mission opened and we got to go and yeah it’s outside my area by like 2 blocks so it’s pretty cool yes for all of you that know about my little thing about Wal-Mart well right now it’s the only place I can get grape juice that isn’t wine. That’s all they have down here oh and also peanut butter, also something that doesn’t exist down here. It’s kind of funny down here they’re pretty darn expensive!

Well I’m running out of time so I’ll have to say chou!

The church is true! Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This week was great we had Zone Conference and as always it was really inspiring. I really wish that we could have them more often. I learned a ton of stuff that I'm trying to incorporate more in the stuff i do as a missionary.

Also this week we had someone that we were working with a little bit and kind of gave up on her but she showed up to church out of the blue! We were pretty excited about that. She is from a less active family that really are great and they all want to come back but they've just been wrapped up in stuff that they can't easily get out of now.

So I heard the Olympics have started up, that's pretty cool. This year is something that is huge for Argentina, the World cup. Soccer of course is huge here and Argentina is in it again although they supposedly don't have a very good shot at winning still it's going to be really interesting when it comes around to seeing what preaching is going to be like. When the national team plays, the whole country shuts down and no one is out or doing anything except watching the game! It's crazy!

Well this week we're going to try a few new things to get people excited to go to church and we'll see how it works.

Well thanks for everything!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week was another one of those that just wasn't the best. We had set almost 30 appointments and almost every single one fell though; all but one. O well such is the work. Yesterday however we found some interested people, actually really interested, so we're going to start teaching them.

What's really interesting is that during my mission sometimes it just seems that about everything goes wrong and nothing seems to be working out, but you just pick yourself up and pretty much always that's when I see the best results is after a hard day or a hard week. So I'm now starting to see those people that really are ready to be taught. As for specific people we're teaching a ton of people that all have questions, it's just finding them that seems to be the problem.

We're just getting out of vacations and there's a lot of stuff going on right now for the summer so when we can find them, their great, but when we can't, we just have to wait.

Well we have Zone Conference Friday, so I can't wait! They're always so inspiring!

Well thanks for everything!

Elder Sands

Wednesday, February, 3, 2010

This week was amazing! Probably the best in terms of work that I've had until this point in the mission. It's amazing what you can do when you're really organized.

As for investigators, the family Villar still haven't gotten baptized, but not for a lack of wanting to, just because they are never home for us to teach them. So we're just going incredibly slow, well at least for this mission. They've already been to church 8 times! That's unheard of down here to have them go that many times. They love the church and know its true and the Book of Mormon too and all of that and not get baptized really fast, but oh well, like the argies say "es lo que hay".

We've also found a ton of people that want to listen, now it just really comes down to who really wants to try and change some things in their life in order to receive the blessings that come from that. There is a peace and a calm in all aspects of our lives. So let's just make the changes and enjoy the blessings.

Elder Sands