Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oi todo bem

Christmas went very well it was good to talk with everyone, I am sorry if I acted a little Crazy i was very excited to talk to everyone. Here for Christmas we went to the house of a member of Saturday and there we had a feast and had a secret Santa type thing, a member that owns close store gave Elder Cunha and I cuflfing which are a little fancy but now a I need to get a shirt so that I can use them. Sunday we had sacrament meeting and after we went to the house of another member to eat lunch and use Skype because Elder Cunha didn't talk to his family yet. Sunday was our p-day which we couldn't do many thing but it was nice to be in an area were the members are great and almost adapt you into their families.

Transfers came and we finally found out what would happen, Elder Cunha was transferred and was called to be Zone leader and I was called to be.....a Trainer, yea I was surprised too. we went to Campinas to get our companions. we had a wonderful training about this new program of training which is 12 weeks and it is two hours of companions study every day. My companion is Elder Inácio he is from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte he is wonderful and has a desire to work, In the training I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but really what President Tanner said is that we have been chose by the lord to train these missionaries and I feel that the lord well help a lot and we will see many miracles in Bom Jesus Dos perdoes.

I have a question about my debit card I can't get money from the ATMs here I wasn't sure I my card can or if you blocked it or because of the bank here in Brazil

Tchau, tchau

Elder Sands

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feliz natal estou muito feliz para vocês

This is always a wonderful time of the year but here is brazil I don't believe it is almost Christmas, it is almost 100 degree almost every day, and it has rain almost every day for the past few week, but singing Christmas hymns every day for personal and companion study is helping a lot.

About the package put in it whatever you want, peanut butter, Oreos would be nice if there is room in the box. One thing, can you put 5 ties of mine that I left in this package I don't have very many and it is very difficult to buy them here for a reasonable price

This week were are preparing two people to be baptized, one (Danel) is a friend of a return missionary of two mouths we are working with his concerns and doubts. We talked with him yesterday and Said he wasn't sure about baptism and wasn't really sure about what he wanted in life. We didn't read for a few days and didn't pray. I said to him that how do you expect to get an answer if you are not doing you part. We need to fulfill are part so that the Lord can do his, but his is bond by eternal law that he can't keep his end of the promise if we don't first do ours. The spirit was there and he has more real intent to know if these things are true and to be baptized this Sunday.

The other person is an older woman of 86 years, whose daughter is an active member, she is really fun and very smart and has healthy mind, many missionaries taught here and visited the Church many times, and right now it is just a matter of baptism.

About the rain one day we were going to a house of an investigator who lives a long ways outside of the city, we took the wrong road and Elder Cunha said to take a sort path through the wilderness, we crossed a river and hiked through brush 4 feet high, but we made it on time to the house of the investigator, but we were completely wet.

I can use Skype the Wednesday before Christmas the day of the 21 of Dec I hope we can work something out so that I can speak with you and with Julie and Levi, let me know what I need to do to use Skype and tell me a time that is good for everyone it would be better in the morning or early afternoon the time difference is 5-6 hours but check to be sure

Tchau tchau

Elder Sands