Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank you for the address to Elder Bailey's mission I got a letter from him yesterday. Can you tell Ryne's mom that I got it please and that I will write him soon.

Don't send for more shoes please, these shoe that I got would won't even be that worn out when I get home and I don't want to pay another 100$ to get my package.

Don't worry dad I haven't been serving a mission with regrets, it is just to get everything done that I want to do and become what I want to become in these final month and not wanting this wonderful mission to end, it has passed so darn fast because I have been giving my all in this work.

Yesterday we had transfers I stayed in Piracicaba 6 but Elder Melo left and went to Campinas, I am here with Elder Jamilson another Brazilian, he is a great guy and really funny, and we are going to do a lot of good together in this transfer. On Saturday we had the baptism of Erico and his two sons it was really special and all of the members are excited because this was the first baptisms in the ward in 6 months. We talked to his wife this last Monday and we marked her date for next week so that she has time to ask for that day off and so that Erico can baptize her next week after he receives the priesthood  which will help this family become really united. And here in 1 year they will be going to the temple to get sealed.

Please too can you send me those family pictures that you took that would be nice to see and share with the member here.

Love Elder Sands

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This week I am so excited after almost 3 months without baptizing anyone we are going to baptize a family of 4 on Saturday I am so excited. After all of this difficulty and learning we are receiving a lot of blessings. This family is very special their names are Erico, Cintia, Murilio, and Victor they are relatives of a family of members here in the ward and they all want to be baptized a lot. We are having a little difficulty teaching them because their work schedule is really strange but everything will work out in the end.

There have been a lot of twists and turns here in the Field and from them all I have learned many things. I have had my bad days and good days, but I can see how the Lord has helped us. This is the final week of the transfer and I am almost sure my companion Elder Melo will be transferred and I will stay here. Time is flying by so fast and my goal for these last 5 transfers is just go crazy with the work, work harder than I have been working and to enjoy these last few months that I have here. I don't remember If I had already took you all but starting the 3 of September which is a Monday we will be having P-day, that will be a somewhat big change but it will be better I think.

I told myself I would never ask but I only have 7 months left, is that for those you know that have not written a letter to me yet I would be so grateful to receive some letters. I have only received 5-6 letters on my whole mission so encourage everyone to write please.

Love you all

Eu amo vocês muito

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The work is getting better we were able to teach more people this week and help them prepare for baptism, but sometimes it feels that we are cutting more people than we are finding.

Yesterday I was able to go to a leadership meeting in Campinas and President Perrotti has given a new stress on reach the standard of excellence in our mission. Really by reaching this standard these goals we are able to do our part to show are sacrifice to the Lord and a way to build and maintain our teaching pool and help them be baptized. Every week here we are getting better, by finding more people, teaching them, teaching a lot more with members it is really neat. We are really focusing on getting a family of four baptized, they already have been to church several times, and what it sounds like they are wanting to be baptized but the hard thing is going and teaching them, we mark and something happens we remark a visit but something happens and they could be there, but today I have faith we will finally be able to teach them and mark there baptism.

One more thing p-day will change to Monday starting September 3 so don't forget I will be really sad if I didn't get emails that week.

Love Elder Sands

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The updates sounded wonderful it is great to see that everyone is doing well. But we will work even more harder so that everyone back home will receive lots of blessings.

This last week, I won't lie was tough. My companion was feeling down not baptizing his first transfer and half, we were not knowing what we could do in the small area to find more people and teach them. But on Sunday we had a miracle. We planned a last effort and punch to get the members to work with us or the area will close. What they decided to do is to do a door to door study asking them questions if they know that the true church of Christ was on the earth with a prophet and apostles will you join and other questions to gauge the interest level. They when out Sunday night in 4 groups and in 1 hour gave us 31 references only 4 streets, we are working a lot to contact and teach every one of them and we know that we will help many people to be baptized here very soon. We had interviews with President Perrotti and he helped a lot with support and words of advice that helped a lot. Elder Melo and I are going to do some great things here.

I will love to hear more from everyone por favor


Elder Sands

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That sounds like a lot of fun, I know now what I will do when I get back home and maybe in Logan with you guys. But here in Brazil we are having a lot more fun. Today we had a Zone Churrasco (BBQ) with a lot of meat, we played some soccer (Futebol) and some game that is like doge ball but with only one ball, it was a blast.

The work here is progressing and we are doing our very best in an area that isn't the easiest area. we are needing the help of the members to find people so that we can teach, we got a reference of a family that is ready to get baptized, but the problem is that they live in the boarders of another ward but it really far away from the church building and our ward is closer and they have really good friends here and they only want to be baptized here. Everyone in the stake and been pleading to change the ward boundary's that are out of date so we have to see what happens. We are also teaching a man named Bibi who is a friend of an inactive member, he is really good and wants to get baptized and we marked his baptism for the 12 of August he just needs to wake up early to go to church and he will be good to go. The inactive member named James is helping a lot by sharing his testimony with him and giving support.

This ward is great the members are good people, and it is the first ward I have seen here in Brazil were there are a lot of returned missionaries, which helps a lot and they know what we are going through and helps us with ways we can work here and have a focus of inviting people to go to church.

Thanks for the love and support always love, hugs, and kisses from Brazil.

Elder Sands