Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This week was very good; it was a little bit of a rough start because we had a Zone Conference on Thursday and had only 3 days to work. I forgot to tell you that I saw Sister Ward at transfers and at the multi-zone conference, it was go to see a familiar face and some up to date news of what is going on back home. The Zone conference was really good; it was the really first time getting to know President Perrotti. The zone conference was the answer to our prayers. This area I think is the hardest area I have served in were the area is really small and all of the missionaries in the past have already worked in all of neighborhoods, so we need to work a different way starting with creating a really good relationship of trust with the members so that they will want to give us references. We are also working with the part member families and we are finding a lot of people that haven't yet been baptized and where we can reactive and baptize. This last Sunday we had the conference of the ward and everyone worked hard to invite everyone, our goal was to have 150 people in the sacrament meeting and we arrived at 153. Right now everyone is way more excited to work and with baptisms here in the following weeks we will get this ward up and running again.

Have fun

Love you all

Elder Sands

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well dad it sounds like you busy with work. That is a little said that the Wilhelm's moved. One thing I noticed here on the mission is that there has been a lot of changes, but you can feel the blessings more abundantly.

To answer your question I got to meet President Perroiti on Sunday, it was really a surprise. It was our Branch Conference and we got a lot of training by the district presidency and the mission president. We also had some miracles happen. We went out to pick up our investigators to go to church, but none of them went. But other people that we invited went to Church by themselves and other people we weren't expecting went as well. We had a total of 75 or more people in the sacrament meeting and I can feel that everyone was more excited, and a few families that we were reactivating came to church as well.

Unexpectedly President and Sister Perroiti came to our apartment not to find it the cleanest as it could be, but we said that we would clean it and send them the pictures to them.

Well we had transfers and I was transferred to the city of Piracicaba in the 6th ward here, I am with Elder Melo a Brazilian who came into the mission last transfer and I will be finishing his 12 weeks of training. It seems like we will be overcoming many obstacles and with the Lords help we can have a lot more miracles

One more thing can you send new family pictures with Levi and Julie when they come up because the ones I have aren't the greatest it looks like we just woke up for Christmas, that will be great thank you

Well. I'll talk to you all later.


Elder Sands

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Acea that sounds wonderful and I am glad you had a great time at PALS camp. It really helps you grow. And to answer your question about the language it is pretty much fluent. You will always have some sort of accent because as I wasn't born in Brazil. But to speak without really thinking about it happens pretty quick in the field. It is just of matter of perfecting the language. Sometimes it is way harder understanding then speaking but is also depends on the missionary.

This week was good we had some great things happen in the church, none of our investigators went which is always sad, but a few people really inactive went. In the Branch we don't have much to work with and we are really focusing here in reactivating people to be leaders in the church and help the work progress. This transfer ,what I have been seeing, is that we are having a different kind of success with helping the Branch stabilize at its foundation helping people return and working a lot more with the members. We are teaching Jefferson who is progressing, is works weird hours and he started being able to go to church this last week. We just have to help him really decide to be baptize form what he already knows and feels is true. We started working in another area because where we were wasn't really going anywhere. We are able to use our Branch mission leader in this other area and really get the work progressing.

Transfers are this next week and I don't know what will happen. I am wanting to stay, but no one really knows what happens, sometime the day after transfers. It sounds like it will be great having Levi and Julie there at home, but just remember don't have too much fun hahahah. I will send some more pictures I am almost caught up so in a few weeks I will send all of my pictures.


Elder Sands

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That is crazy that Karyl's friend was kidnapped I want to talk to him to see where he served here in Campinas.

There have been a few things happening. This transfer has been really trying our faith, and it happens so that we can grow. we haven't had many people progress with many people telling us they don't have any more interest, but I am happy because I know that we are doing our part we our giving our best, we aren't perfect but we are really working and I know that we will see the miracles starting to happen for our diligence. We are helping a friend of a great member whose name is Aline who has already been to the church a few times and we are finalizing her so that she can be baptized this Sunday, also we are helping many people come back to the church. We are visiting all of the names on the branch list to see if they still lived there or moved. We have found that many people have moved but there are still a lot of people we need to visit to build up the Branch.

This past week we got a new mission president, President Perroti who is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. He seems really good but we will really see the next zone conference here in a few weeks.

That is that is happening so far.


Elder Sands