Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That is going to be a wonderful youth conference that will change lives, when I went it was a little different with different challenges and joys and helped me become who I am today. It is wonderful to learn so much from these activities that like a mission jump start your progression as we learn, ponder, apply and continue to live.

I have been thinking a lot this last week about the mission, missionaries and thoughts that can be on missions, how is Nathan doing, is he preparing, is he excited and desirous to go, Can I get his address so I can write him, I would really appreciate that? Also how is Ben doing; preparing?

The mission is a wonderful place where miracles happen all the time, where you grow, learn, fail, and succeed. I have been thinking about desire a lot this past week, where my desires were, where I was lacking, what I was succeeding in. The mission is tough at times, when you walk all day, in the heat of the sun, don’t find people to teach that day, haven’t eaten in a while, your investigators are not progressing, what do you do next? When you get on your mission, that flame of excitement, energy, enthusiasm, willingness to do whatever it takes dies if you do not feed that fire. It is fed with effective study, the desire to work, the faith to find, the hope that your investigators will have that desire to progress and live the commandments. This mission is not about us, but is the work of Jesus Christ and He guides this work. As we do all that we can to help people change their lives, not to just to be another baptism for all to see that we are successful, but to help them fulfill their divine potential, you can see in them and how happy they can be. This needs to be your focus and purpose for working to keep that fire, excitement, and energy growing stronger even than when it began.

Just two more weeks and you Levi and Julie will be married in the temple; I am so happy for you and be sure to continue to send pictures. And Karýl you will have a birthday, but your still young and full of energy just like Dad.

This is my testimony of the mission Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador e ele vai nos ajudar neste trabalho. Joseph Smith foi um profeta de Deus. Deus se preparar um jeto para comprir todos mandamentos e ordens, todos as coias são possível com O Senhor.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don’t have much time, but this past week has been a little crazy with transfers. Right now I am in a new area in Itatiba about 40 south of Campinas. At 10:30pm on Thursday Elder Facer and I got a phone call from our Zone Leaders and they told me that I was being transferred in an emergency transfer the next day. When the call comes we go and do in faith. Don’t worry nothing bad happened but I guess the President is preparing to close Sousas due to lack of missionaries and the work in that area is really weak and needs a period of preparation.

My new companion is Elder Martins a Brazilian who was also trained be my trainer Elder Bennett. He is a little lacks on the rules but gets excited and works well with people.

I will tell you what has occurred in the mission, which is sad and dishearten. Recently, missionaries have been leaving the mission field because they simply do not want to be here. This happen to a great dear friend of mine who just gave up. It is sad because they had so much potential to do good, even being an example to me before the mission field, but now, did not keep his focus on the mission, on helping other people and serving the Lord. And one other thing, on my mission I have witnessed this; it is far easier to serve a mission, find people, teach and baptize, but far harder to be a missionary, which happens by simply following the little rules, becoming like Christ a little at a time. This helps us so much on the mission, and after the mission for the rest of our lives. Those that don’t really live the gospel after the mission didn’t really become a missionary on their mission.

I well send more next week; I love all of you

Tchau, Tchau

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well transfers came and Elder Bennett and I were on the edge of are seats. The call came and Elder Bennett is to remain in Matão and train a new missionary and I am transferred. We were both surprised but when the call comes, we do in faith. I had no clue who my companion was to be or which area but I packed my bags and went to Campinas to be transferred. Transfers happen yesterday and my new companion is Elder Facer and he has been in the field for 1 year and 8 months, and has just two transfers left. My new area is on Sousas Campinas which is really neat because we are in the same area as the temple and is just 15 min away on foot. Elder Facer is a great companion and reminds me little bit of Jeffery Winkfield. Sousas is a little different area and has its own difficulty and challenges. In Matão we were averaging about 40 lessons a week 15-20 with a member, 10 investigators at church per week, etc. Here the atmosphere is different the people are not as willing to hear the gospel, only a few go to church right now, but we lift were we stand. I know that there are people out there that are ready to hear the gospel; we just have to have the faith to find them.

In just 6 week I have learned alot about using every resource that you can use, and members are essential. gaining confidence and helping them have the vision that this are can and will be growing and many people entering the waters of baptism and remain active. There is the feeling of hopelessness in the air but there is always hope to find, teach , baptize and grow. the problem is some times 6 weeks is not very much time to get the job done, but we work are very hardest. As a missionary we can direct affect our success first with contacts, 210 a week, and with this we will find people to teach, finding people that will go to church and be baptized and we show the lord we are willing to do all that we can do.

So far my Portuguese is getting a lot better, when you only speak Portuguese you learn very fast, But at times people don´t understand me, but you can never give up and continue making mistakes and learning from them. I can teach all lesson with commandments,simply, and that is the goal to teach people simply so they understand and do. But teaching is different in the mission, we give the first lesson in 20-30 mins, second visit follow up, we then by then know there needs so far and ether focus on commandments or the other lesson. the real success come from them reading and praying to receive an answer and live all commandments and going to church.

my stuff is holding up and working great, and I feel that I brought all the thing I needed to bring here. I have not given any talks in church yet, I know that will change soon.

The only thing I ask is to send a real copy of Levi's and Julie's wedding announcement in the mail, it only takes 3 stamps, por favor.

I will send the picture next week.

tchau, tchau

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This past week has been filled with wonderful things. We are teaching a wonderful couple who are elato (elect) they really feel the need to change to live the gospel and to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to see if it is true. We had a wonderful noite familiar (family home Evening with them, Maria and Edvaldo, they made wonderful friends with a family in the Ala (ward) and were spiritually uplifted. We are planning their baptisms for this Sunday, We just need to follow up and give them and Interview. Sometimes it is hard to find people home and to stop by and follow up with people every day, but as long as we try are hardest to do, improve, to find and teach, obey the commandments and All missionary rules, We are and will be successful missionaries.

This past Friday we had a multi-Zone Conference in Campinas, with Elder Godoy, one of the Area Seventy in Brazil. I learned a lot of things of what I could understand; we are here in Brazil on our missions to save souls by finding teaching effectively, and baptizing them. This is no easy take at times and we practiced how to invite people to commit to do something more effectively. We are to Invite them to make and keep a commitment (read and pray about the Book of Mormon, Go to Church) teach them the Doctrine, testify, promise blessing and follow up. We are here to build the Kingdom in our areas and wars with priesthood, tithing, etc. and we are here to save our own souls to progress, keep all commandments, and grow and to keep growing and progressing when we get back from our missions.

Have a great week, Tchau tchau.

Elder Sands