Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow, an exhausting week! We covered three areas pretty much all week long, it was crazy! I was with another Elder all week long because Elder Carter, an ex comp of mine, was sick and since my comp can’t walk, we we’re on "Divisions" all week which allowed us to more or less keep on working as "normal." Anyway after we did a whole bunch of walking and trying to work three areas which literally take up a third of the city, we are both very tired to say the least.

There is an Elder that had to go to Bahía Blanca so that when the next available plane that goes to the states comes, he can get there easier as he has to go back for an operation. He was with us until we went with Elder Sweany who is Elder Carter’s comp and we dropped him off with Elder Carter once he was feeling better. After that we were once again not able to do much because Elder Risenhoover can’t really walk at all.

All of the members were out of town or with family because New Year’s here is kind of like the biggest holiday that they have all year.

And with all that, here is the big news, I got called on Thursday night and was told that I’m getting transferred in 3 hours to Mar Del Plata to replace the Elder that has to go to the states. There wasn’t any room on the buses until Sunday night so I was able to stay and say a goodbye to everyone in the ward yesterday! I’m going to miss Villa Floresta a lot. The members have been really incredible. They helped us out a ton and even though we didn’t find anyone completely prepared to accept the gospel, I know that we did help a lot of people there and that they are in a position to listen more to the spirit because we did our best and some day they will get baptized and others are now returning to activity and getting the blessings of the gospel more completely in their lives.

Well, I had more to say than I thought I would. Have a great week and thanks for everything!

Elder Sands