Monday, November 23, 2015

Training is going great with my companion! The amount of teaching we're doing has dropped a bit since our ward boundary change moved many people to other wards and gave none back in return. But this has given us the gift of time that we did not have before. We've really been focusing on building member trust in our ward and its working!

This last week, we were biking by a member's home that I didn't know very much about, but we saw that there was a huge pile of pebble rocks on their lawn. So we stopped in and asked if they needed help spreading it out. They were so appreciative for the offer and we came back Tuesday to help them. They said it was about 4.5 tons of rock. And the greatest part? Their child's name is Asa! That kid is so nice!

Doing service for others, I have found, is one of the fastest ways to their hearts. We've been doing tons of service for our members, and in doing so other members want to help us even more. It's amazing the effects of selflessly helping others. Yes, this is a simple example from my mission, but this has application all through our lives as well. Try it out, you might actually make more friends! :)

Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving, remembering the reason for the holiday.

Elder Sands