Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello Everyone:

Well I'm here in the MTC alright and it has been so busy these last several days. As you now probably know I can email in the MTC and I get to do it on P-days which is today.

So anyways my companion's name is Elder Stout and he is actually from Moses Lake hahaha, what are the odds. That is pretty much all we have in common though. He's a great Elder although a little lax.

So Spanish; I'm sure you're wanting to know about it. Well it's not going very good. I definitely know the least of anyone, that's for sure. Well it's helping with my humility that's for sure.

The MTC is great and the food is good too, although I realized that I don't really like any foods more than any others too much anymore, (except of course the chicken dish Mom) it's all just food to me. Gym is a life saver! With all of the sitting around we do in class every day the ability to get up and (I run) is so great. Although I did push myself to hard the first couple of days. You know it's been a long time since I've really done any exercising so I went and ran 4 1/2 miles on Friday and 3 3/4 miles on Saturday and my knee was hurting a little after that and I'm sill sore but don't worry Dad I won't injure myself while I'm here or anything. I just kept on going because I was bored.

Please tell everyone about my address or about DEARELDER.COM (It's free). Getting letters is nice and I have a few minutes when going from building to building that I can read them.

So how are things at home and how did Acea's spring trip go and Sebring needs to tell me his grades when he gets them on Wednesday. Well I'm running out of time.

Love Elder Sands