Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well these last two days haven't been extremely eventful but there were a few noteworthy things that happened. One of which was Elder M. Russell Ballard showed up for our devotional on Tuesday. That was really spiritual to have an apostle talk specifically to us as missionaries. I also got to be in the choir for the last time here (they're fixing up the gym/auditorium) so I got a good seat. It is an amazing thing to hear the testimonies of the apostles. He talked about how we need to have a desire to do, especially as missionaries. However this counsel applies to everyone. If we don't have a desire, what will happen, nothing!

In fact there is this one investigator (in the TEC, so a teacher here) who realized that after we gave her Alma 32 to read. In verse 27-29 I think it talks about how we need to have that desire and then act upon it. She wanted to have a better relationship with God and was wondering why she didn't and she realized that she needed to do something about it. So now she is on date to be baptized! Although she (the teacher in teacher mode) mentioned she was going to throw a curve ball at us and we teach her tomorrow.

Oh yeah this is in Spanish now so I was really thrilled with the way we have been teaching. I don't know if I mentioned this before but all of the grammar I've been learning just kind of clicked and now my Spanish has more or less caught up with everyone in my district almost overnight. That is the difference the Lord can make.

So today I broke down and got myself an English hymn book. I realized how much I missed them when I was at the devotional Tuesday night. You know the hymns can be so inspiring and I practically consider them scripture. I encourage all of you to read out the hymn book every so often just to read it. In fact if I might recommend one that we sang a while ago that really touched me is "The Lord is my Light." A lot of these aren't in the Spanish version and due to the translation it doesn't flow as well in Spanish. We are so blessed to be members that know English. There is really very little that is done in other languages and we are so blessed to have all of it. In fact the Spanish bible that is coming out in September is not an LDS edition. They had trouble with copyright issues for a long time but now the Spanish speaking people will finally get to use all of the standard works with the topical guide and bible dictionary which are amazing to have. I use them so much!

Also today, hopefully, I'll be getting my flight plans which I hope I leave Wednesday or Thursday so I'll get you my address when I can. I don't have it with me now. And I think all that is required for actual mailing of a letter is two stamps and it has to be less than one ounce. But you can still use to mail me and it will get to me in Argentina fairly quickly, so I've heard.

We are all missionaries and we need to act as such. The Lord expects a lot from us, but as Nephi said, the Lord will prepare a way to accomplish what he wants us to do. We are His work and His glory. That means a lot to me. That everything he does is for us to become better and to have happiness.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Love Elder Sands