Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm now writing from Mar del Plata, a huge city that is well right on the ocean which is horrible. It makes me miss swimming but it’s absolutely beautiful. I'm in Mar del Plata right now for P-day but I’ve been transferred and I am now assigned to Miramar which translated means look at the ocean. Yeah and that's what it's like too. It is fairly big and it has an amazing beach. We're allowed to go there right now because no one is ever down there. It's a small branch and the only branch in this stake. Yep, I'm not in a district anymore but I happen to get the only branch in the stake, funny I think.

Well Ivan got baptized! He’s so great. His family I think will follow him with time also there is another family that went that will get baptized; they're well on their way.

Here in Miramar we have some investigators but not many. One kid is going to get baptized supposedly Sunday but I still have to see if he's been taught enough. Well that's pretty much all for right now. I have to go because we had to navigate this giant city and my comp Elder Carter from Utah, nor I, know anything or much about the busses and such. So we finally figured out what we were going to do but now we're going to be late. So such is life. Alright, love all of you and have a great week and hopefully pictures will be coming, chou!

Elder Sands