Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well as for this giant capasitation; the changes aren’t really that extreme however they are changing the way that they are going to teach new missionaries. We are getting the new MTC teaching materials and the lessons in 4 days. These changes will take place in the MTC in May of next year. So i think this training is going to help the new missionaries be a lot better than the old training. Apart from that there isn’t much going on; I mean I’m in Bahía Blanca and in an area working for like 3 hours every day and nothing more. It’s really great to see all of these other missionaries that I look up to so much. So that’s really all that’s going on. My new comp is great he’s from Asunción Paraguay and is really a great missionary and he knows a ton for how much time he has in the mission! That’s a huge help to me that’s for sure. We did get to teach Luis but he couldn’t come to church because he had to work so the waiting game continues but he’s really great. He already has a testimony and he wants to be baptized so he’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to do that but he’ll get there. Also we taught a man named Mario on Sunday. I’ve been waiting to teach him for a long time. He’s pretty much is sprit perfect and ready to receive the gospel but he’s got a lot of situational challenges to joining the church because he works almost every Sunday he doesn’t have any support in the family but he’s really great. I really hope that what we taught him is enough for him to get his answer and then from there have the strength from there to be an example to his family and start to receive the fullness of the gospel. Other than that we’ve talked with a ton of people.

One story a little that’s a bit funny I think is we were doing contacts in a busy part of town and we were led by some guy or rather directed to another street to talk to a couple of people so then a police come up and asks us if we have ID well as were taking it out he says into his radio the street corner that we were on and 20 cops show up in like 3 minutes! It was crazy! Nothing happened but none the less it was a little bit unexpected! Well anyway thanks everyone and have a great week!

Elder Sands