Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It’s Christmas! And it’s really, really hot down here. Yesterday it got up to 96 degrees! Anyway I figured I’d give you all the gift that is the dearest thing I own.

I KNOW that God lives, He loves us more than we can imagine and He wants the best for us. His son Jesus Christ also loves us so much He gave more than just His life for us, He gave all He is for us! He wants us to be perfect so that we can become like Him and have the same happiness that He has. He’s given us the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon so that we can know how we can do our best to achieve this perfection. He has also given us a prophet, even Thomas S. Monson who leads us as the mouthpiece of God. I KNOW all of this because I’ve done what I could to be ready and prepared to receive an answer from God by His Spirit. He answered me! I KNOW that it is all true and that with the help and through the atonement of Christ we might all be with our Father in Heaven again someday.


Love Elder Sands