Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The mission Field is really great and really is white, hot and rainy. we have had a wonderful week in which we both learned a lot. Elder Inácio is doing great he has a good spirit to learn and progress. His is from Rio Grande do Norte and is very hot there and his is suffering a bit here because is it very cold for him here and the rain wasn't helping. I have never seen rain like this before, it rains hard for most of the day for days at a time, but a good thing happens it cleans all of you cloths and shoes.

We are helping and teaching a young man named Ureil be baptized this Sunday he is really good and really wants to be baptized and we are helping his parents be baptized too to help them really feel the powerful change the gospel brings and to return to live with heavenly father as a family. I am learning a lot with Elder Inácio with different ways to teach, setting a very good example for him and to work together to build up the kingdom here in Perdoes.

One question that you asked me was about Christmas here in Brazil. Christmas isn't as big as it is in the US; Brazilians always like to have parties with friends and family. I think New Year's here is bigger than Christmas, we had a Churrasco (BBQ) with our District in Atibaia (a city close by that has the rest of our district in it) and all night long was a war in the street with fireworks, and shouting, but it was good.

It would be good to send email on Tuesday because I am using Email 10:30 here in my time and leave in a hour or so and I love to hear from you guys a lot.

Tchau Tchau

Elder Sands