Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That is crazy that Karyl's friend was kidnapped I want to talk to him to see where he served here in Campinas.

There have been a few things happening. This transfer has been really trying our faith, and it happens so that we can grow. we haven't had many people progress with many people telling us they don't have any more interest, but I am happy because I know that we are doing our part we our giving our best, we aren't perfect but we are really working and I know that we will see the miracles starting to happen for our diligence. We are helping a friend of a great member whose name is Aline who has already been to the church a few times and we are finalizing her so that she can be baptized this Sunday, also we are helping many people come back to the church. We are visiting all of the names on the branch list to see if they still lived there or moved. We have found that many people have moved but there are still a lot of people we need to visit to build up the Branch.

This past week we got a new mission president, President Perroti who is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. He seems really good but we will really see the next zone conference here in a few weeks.

That is that is happening so far.


Elder Sands