Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Acea that sounds wonderful and I am glad you had a great time at PALS camp. It really helps you grow. And to answer your question about the language it is pretty much fluent. You will always have some sort of accent because as I wasn't born in Brazil. But to speak without really thinking about it happens pretty quick in the field. It is just of matter of perfecting the language. Sometimes it is way harder understanding then speaking but is also depends on the missionary.

This week was good we had some great things happen in the church, none of our investigators went which is always sad, but a few people really inactive went. In the Branch we don't have much to work with and we are really focusing here in reactivating people to be leaders in the church and help the work progress. This transfer ,what I have been seeing, is that we are having a different kind of success with helping the Branch stabilize at its foundation helping people return and working a lot more with the members. We are teaching Jefferson who is progressing, is works weird hours and he started being able to go to church this last week. We just have to help him really decide to be baptize form what he already knows and feels is true. We started working in another area because where we were wasn't really going anywhere. We are able to use our Branch mission leader in this other area and really get the work progressing.

Transfers are this next week and I don't know what will happen. I am wanting to stay, but no one really knows what happens, sometime the day after transfers. It sounds like it will be great having Levi and Julie there at home, but just remember don't have too much fun hahahah. I will send some more pictures I am almost caught up so in a few weeks I will send all of my pictures.


Elder Sands