Friday, February 13, 2015

So I got a letter from Levi/Julie last week and let me just share something I noticed:

Levi wrote 4 lines in 2 paragraphs and this was his reason why: “I have to go do taxes”

May I recall to your memory “Dating 911” by John Bytheway where he share the story about the top 10 things women do to avoid going on a date.

“Hey, Susie. Would you like to go out with me?”

“Umm....sorry, I would love to but I have my hair”

“Oh, well, how about next week?”

“Well you see, I can’t do it then either because...I think I’m going shopping.”

“Shucks, how about 2 weeks from now?”

“Sorry, but I think I have to do taxes then...”

Catch my drift?

But then I read Julie’s Letter, it is nice and long and detailed. Several paragraphs long and shares her testimony. Let me just say Levi: You are EXTREMELY lucky :)

Thank you Julie!!!


Sebring and Steph:

Thanks for writing me so consistently and nicely and sharing things about your life (*cough* Levi *cough*). I wish you both the best of luck as you bring a little terror...Soul, I mean, into the world. Just kidding, I hope you have fun though.

Sorry guys, I labored so hard to get the few pictures I did; by the sweat of my brow did I take those pictures, and there are not very many of them and they’re not the best, but I have a hard time getting good shots. You should see the pictures I have of my companion. They’re so much better than the ones he takes of me. I wish I could take a picture of myself, oh wait, that’s a selfie. I’ll keep trying, and I might want to wait till I get to Arizona and see if there’s any good opportunities for good pictures there.

Wow I have run out of time about 45 minutes ago, I just have so much I need to do.

Now all of you would be so surprised how much talent is here at the MTC. The Spirit of the lord is definitely part of it. There’s always just enough singers and piano players and all of them are very talented. I was able to find someone, practice with them for a half an hour and then audition the next, and perform the next after that and we sounded great. This singer, Sister Bell, was so good, she could hit the A-flat 2 octaves above middle C. For those musically inclined are probably going “oh wow” right now. 

Wow, Dad thanks for sharing that spiritual experience-that was just really so cool that that happened-your right, Heavenly Father is always waiting to help us in His work. 

Also for all of you: here are 3 songs you really need to look up, they are amazing:
  1. The Battle of Jericho - by MOTAB
  2. Morning has Broken - by MOTAB
  3. Homeward Bound - by MOTAB
They are so amazing and spiritual (well, the Jericho one a little less, but it’s still amazing)

Now for all of you:

Here at the MTC. Every meeting that involves more than 1 zone has to have a special musical number. Now why do you think that is? A little strange right? But let me tell you something. Music, something that I’ve just recently learned, brings something into a meeting that nothing else does. And to add to its wonder, the Lord is always with those to play and bring the spirit. We often have less than a week to prepare and song for the entire MTC and it always turns out great. After every SMN there’s a sweet feeling no speaker could bring. Please keep this in mind the next time you sing in a church meeting or listen to another’s performance, you will notice a difference when you start to pay attention to it.

As for my past week, everything is going great. The language is a little tough but I’m getting used to it fast. I recently found out that while our teachers are signing, they mouth the words, and some of them even whisper while they do so. I’ve found that instead of getting better at signing, I’ve been getting really good at reading mouths. So when we got another teacher this past week, and she started signing without mouthing I was thinking “That is not the language they have been teaching me these past few weeks.” Thankfully I’m still in the MTC and can fix that...hopefully. I’ve been talking with the teachers to see if we can find a more deaf-like way of teaching.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support. Until next week

-Elder Sands-