Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello to everyone for Arizona!

Just a quick update:

My new companions (yes, plural) are Elders Brose and Burr. Elder Brose is hard of hearing but knows sign language really well and is a really happy and upbeat Elder. Elder Burr is kind of like me except he's been out for a while so he knows more. Next week, Elder Brose will be transferred to another area to start proselyting in English so Elder Walker will be his replacement. I have only just met him, but he's a nice guy.

My mission president is nothing like I expected and really neither is his wife, but they're really nice people.

Surprisingly enough, my first day in Scottsdale is a cloudy one with a  decent amount of rain. I've seen several different Cacti that I've never seen before in my life and it is so strange down here with all of the sandstone colored buildings everywhere.

Less than an hour in the state and they had me take a driving test to see if I would be worthy enough to drive one of their cars. I have yet to meet any deaf investigators or to meeting any members in the branch, but I am so looking forward to it.

I'm going to be in a car for my entire mission (from what my Mission President told me) so I won't need to buy a bike, but I will be staying in Arizona, mostly hopping back and forth between Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Elder Sands