Monday, April 13, 2015


This Last week, though it felt quite short, has had some really good opportunities to serve/teach. I actually felt like I was getting things done, which hasn’t really be happening that last couple of weeks. This last Saturday, our zone and another zone got together and volunteered at the March of Dimes walk (a walk to help support babies that are born pre-maturely and probably a few other things in that general area of research). We were there for a good 6 hours, but oh, was it worth it. I must have gotten 50 “Hey Elders!” as people recognized us, and a good 15 “It’s good to see you guys out here.” I feel like our presence was noticed and we were able to accomplish something that proselyting has a hard time doing. At the end, the Coordinators said that we were the largest, earliest to show up, last to leave, most organized, and hardest working group they’ve ever had volunteer. I would call that a great success!

We also had our first investigator show up for church yesterday. I must admit, I was quite skeptical whether she would show up or do her reading assignment from of the Book of Mormon, but when we called her to follow up on Friday, she said that she read the whole book of Enos and was planning on coming to church. I was really excited about the reading assignment part, but I had heard the whole “sure, I’ll go to church this Sunday...” before. Then she showed up to Relief Society and she really hit it off with one of the members. I don’t know if this applies to hearing wards or not, but when an investigator can get to church, they are instantly surrounded by branch members and they leave with many more friends, and they are 1,000% more likely to come the next week. I think she felt the spirit in the wonderful lessons that were taught, and she said she enjoyed the whole experience when we talked to her about it afterwards.

We also had a record attendance (since I’ve been here) at Church. 27! Wow. Now that number, may look pitiful, but what it was, was a miracle.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember, getting them to church, helps a TON in their willingness to continue the discussions, get baptized, and ultimately go to the House of the Lord, make sacred covenants, and endure.

Elder Sands