Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello again everyone!

I've gotten a few inquiries about the driving thing so here is how it goes. It's the responsibility of the most senior companion to drive everywhere. Unfortunately, this last Thursday, Elder Burr was on Exchanges, and Elder Walker spent the entire being sick, so it was up to me to drive my Exchange companion a total of 128 miles that day. That was scary. Complete with Highway Value Package (which includes a little bit of good highway, with a whole lot of really crowded, 5 mph 1/4th of the time, the rest 0 mph, highway. It was fun. I almost ran into a pole, but all is well. The car is untouched and I am still alive. No ticket either! Wow, when I drove though, I realized how much of a better driver I am than my companions. Not bragging but I take it seriously. I'm paranoid about staying in my lane (thanks for those sleepless nights of “STAY IN YOUR LANE!!” nightmares dad :) ) and they always aren't. I don't brake like I’m about to hit a deer all the time and I actually follow the speed limit.

This last week our investigator came to Sacrament again! It was wonderful, unfortunately, she's one of the few deaf people I have a really hard time understanding. Always room for improvement! She's recently expressed some concerns about getting baptized so hopefully her attendance at a member's FHE tonight and our lesson with her tomorrow will alleviate some of those concerns.

We went to the temple on Saturday with our branch and wow, the entire deaf temple experience is pretty cool. There's a lot of interpretation going on. Afterwards we went out to eat with a member at about 3:30 and our dinner appointment was at 5. At the end of the Dinner appointment, Elder Burr said that he was full and then our member said “finally, he's full. I've succeeded! That’s the first time!” None of us really wanted to tell her why :)

I know this church is true and that there is much that we can do to bless other people's lives and especially the importance of the temple in our lives.

Elder Sands