Monday, September 21, 2015

A pretty interesting week. We've had a few good lessons but mostly this week has been a drop down from our recent success. Several of our lessons fell through and we're losing so many of our investigators due to moves and such and even bigger changes are coming. So now we're seeking for as many people who would be interested in the Gospel as possible.

One of the people we contacted on a list from our bishopric has been progressing from the moment we contacted him. He had been less-active for a few years and from the moment we came and invited him to go back to the Temple, he's been coming back to church, getting involved with activities and becoming friends with many people in the ward. He's such a wonderful example of what can happen as we keep focused on those people not coming to Church. We shouldn't just focus on who showed up on Sunday, but more so on who didn't show up.

Now that we have iPads, it is so much easier to teach certain things to the people we're teaching. Mormon Messages are a wonderful example. Mormon Messages gives people a Spiritual punch in the face and often teach very simple, yet profound and important principles that apply in some way to everybody's life. For example, "Mountain's to Climb" is one of my favorites that really teaches us about trials. We show this one quite often to the people who are struggling "under the onslaught of troubles." I would recommend you all watch it and find another that you like and even share it. You can find them and “Mountains to Climb” at:

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Sands