Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sorry everyone, I haven't sent any emails in a while. Our p-days got shifted to Wednesday for 2 weeks in a row and last week, my iPad was locked by the program that monitors it so I was not able to do anything.

Lots has happened since I last wrote. I've played in a Stake Christmas Concert, rode in two 26 miles bike rides, performed in sacrament and for a member of the presidency of the 70, and have visited almost our entire ward's list of less active members.

Transfers were just yesterday and Elder Carlson and I remain as companions for the next 7 weeks here in the Mezona ward in Northern Mesa. We're doing a lot of work with less actives in our ward and we're getting a good amount of success. I love working with the people in the ward. It is my favorite ward in the valley I’ve seen so far.

My bike recently went through a few troubles and in order to get it into working condition, I've spent 95 dollars. Now the bike's almost as good as new, but still has a few problems. I recently just damaged it again, however, when I joined the OTB club (Over The Bars club) when I was going over a speed bump and was completely bucked off my bike. My leg and my shoulder hurt but thankfully my bike was not effected much at all. How lucky is that!?

I hope you all have a great time this week and remember the Lord during this Christmas Season.

Elder Sands

P.S.: Thank you for all those who have sent gifts, I anxiously await the time to open them.