Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry guys, I forgot my camera in Rauch, so no new pictures this time around.

Acea, it's good that camp went so well. I'm glad to hear that you achieved a lot and had a great time.

This week had to be the biggest up and down, it was kind of crazy. We found a lot of really good people and we lined up a lot for yesterday. There still isn't church because of the flu and it has shut down a lot of stuff down here. We have to instead have lessons with members with all of our investigators. So we go to our first one and no one answers even though the key was in (the locks are really different down here) so there was definitely someone there. After that we went to a couple of members homes to give the sacrament. We then went back and after a long time someone finally answers and he said that his mom wasn't there and he was sleeping. You can tell that this isn't too important to them or they would put more effort into it. We also went by another investigator and same thing, wasn't there. Also we had a lesson with our fetcha (date for baptism) but she said that she doesn't want to get baptized right now and that she'll start taking the lessons again in a few months. It was a huge let down.

However now we are going to focus on a couple of other people we found. They look very promising. One of them doesn't exactly live near us but for some reason I kept on remembering her so we passed by many times and every time she wasn't home. We finally caught her Saturday and it was amazing. We only had an agrigate with her (which is a short, on the door step, first lesson) and she had read and prayed and knew it was true. It threw us off because they never do that the first time, so we challenged her to be baptized and she said that she'll pray about it (which is what we asked her to do) and then we had an amazing second lesson. We meet with her again on Wednesday.

We also have a lot of others with whom we actually have citas (an appointment). We have really good numbers. It is amazing what a difference a hard working companion makes. We get along really well too. Also I think I mentioned this, but he cooks, so now I'm learning recipes and such. So now we actually have some food not just bread.

I don't know if you have received any pictures of Rauch, but it would be the fields with the fences and horses and cows. Not much else. It's really small and we do a ton of walking. One other interesting thing about Argentina, there are dogs everywhere, and lots of them! Sometimes they'll follow us around which is kind of fun. These dogs are a lot more tranquilo (calm) down here. Also if any of them ever barks a lot all we have to do is pretend to pick up a rock and they book it in the other direction. They really don't like to mess with people. Also there are like packs of strays that run around the streets. Apparently there aren't many in Rauch, it is very clean from what I've heard.

Anyway I'm out of time thanks for the support!

Elder Sands