Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow Timo and Mica, enserio or rather seriously hahaha, that is so great that they are learning about the gospel. That's really awesome so how are the pools? I realized that when the 4th came around that I usually am at the pool for that day.

It's crazy to think about it, especially because it's cold! Well not really cold, but chilly. Anyways, I need to buy a few things as the missionary mall coat, well it's not very, well useful. So I'm going to get something a tad more useful.

Way to go Acea and Sebring on the grades! That's awesome!

This week was insane! The pig flu is well it's really causing problems. But also, this week was really, really exciting because my companion is fantastic! We worked really hard and we almost had the same numbers as the Hermanas (Sisters) in our zone and they lead the mission almost every week in certain things so we are really excited for this transfer. Well other then the pig flu stuff which I'll talk about, we just worked like crazy! We don't have a really big area but we found lots of people to teach. We tried to get a picture in front of the municipalidad (kind of like city hall) for the fourth because they put up the date in these big letter things and such, but they didn't do it for the fourth and we can't really figure out why. That was interesting.

Elder Kenny can cook too, it is awesome! So whenever we don't have food with members we actually have real food. I'm learning a lot from him in that respect too.

So now to the crazy stuff. We didn't have church! Yeah Argentina is well going crazy over the pig flu and there are actually a few cases in Rauch, I've heard. So that kind of made the work difficult because we have to get people to church. So without church that is difficult. They're also going to try to close all of the supermarkets this week for 3-7 days. It's really got a lot of people freaked out. So this has got to be one of the most interesting things to happen.

The hospital here in Rauch is like full, and they won't let anyone in at all unless they're already sick. So we are buying more food for the week and well working more or less without a goal. It is really frustrating. Also all of this week we're stuck in Tandil because we have a zone conference and we're supposed to do divisions every week now so we don't get to go to Rauch until Friday. Well maybe later too. I'm not too excited about this.

One thing I learned however is that when you have someone who has the same goals as you do and you have the Lord on your side, amazing things can happen. We have just been walking down a street and just randomly walk down the wrong street (we do that a lot) and so we decided to knock a door and every time they let us in! You can tell that the work is led by the lord. This is his work and I love it!

Thank you for all of your letters speaking of which I don't think they have pioneer treks down here but I really enjoyed reading about yours and it reminded me of when I went and I loved it.


Elder Sands