Monday, October 12, 2009

What a week! Due to the robbery we have to change apartments so we did that this week and we didn't seem to do much more unfortunately.

Well I heard you have some days with temperatures in the 20's that sounds like something I don't really miss. It was below freezing one day since I've been here. It was in my last area and there was a little bit of snow but it didn't stick or anything but all of the people were in their houses staring out the window "enjoying" it because it's not exactly something they ever see. As for me, after this last crazy winter I'm fine with no snow for a couple of years. Now however it's about the perfect temperature probably around 70-80 degrees, but I'm not really sure but it's nice. Also one thing about here that is probably interesting is that it is almost always windy and I mean always. This in combination with their dirt roads which is actually really fine sand makes for perfect conditions to have tons of dust in the air. Also because of the humidity we have a lot of storms and for those of you, who've been in Spokane forever, not rain like there, but real pouring down rain. I didn't know it could rain so much. They have little canals everywhere especially in the barrios where the dirt roads are and they fill up in so little time. It makes it really fun to get around jumping over streams in the streets and gigantic puddles of mud in the barrios. Thankfully Bolivar is really nice or lindo as they always say here so it's not too bad.

This week Elder Bowen the Area President is going to be here in Olavarría to talk to the missionaries and the members. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures of Bolivar before I leave as one of us is going in a couple of weeks so we'll see who it is. I've been reading the old testament really fast when I have extra time, which I shouldn't ever have, but it's there now so I might as well use it. I found out that Moses was supposed to talk to the rock to have it bring forth water the second time (see Numbers 20:2-12). Instead, he just smote it and for that he and Aaron were denied the privilege of entering the promised land. There are a lot of lessons in this. First how many times do we think that our way is better or easier, when really all we're going to do is deprive ourselves of blessings that could have been ours because we were trying to do it our way? Second the Lord wants us to progress. The first time the Israelites needed water he healed the water that was already there. The second time he smote the rock which requires more faith right. The third time he was told to talk to the rock where still more faith would be required. Moses lacked the faith the third time and did it the old way rather than stretching himself and obey a new commandment. For that, like I said before, he was denied entrance into the promised land. It is the same with us; we need to ever improve in order to enter the promised land or God's presence. I want to progress! The scriptures uses the word damned a lot. This is more literal that we might think; a damn stops water from progressing right. That is what eternal damnation is, the stopping of progression. Let's all strive to be better and progress to grow and to learn from every experience we have!

Thank you all for your love and support.

Elder Levi Sands