Monday, October 4, 2009

As you might now know there was a robbery of our apartment. Here is how it went. We got home way late one night as my companion is always spending tons of time in members home when we shouldn't be doing that. We get in and I went to the bathroom and he went to the bedroom and saw broken glass. Then someone opens the door and comes in with a flare gun and points it at him and starts asking him for very specific things. The other one had a wooden pole and was telling me to get down to the ground but he was all drugged up and I couldn't understand him. So I was saying the best I could, "what do you want, I can't understand you". That was pretty funny and you could tell I was really calm especially given the circumstances. I finally understood boca and pisa or mouth and floor. Oh ok you want me to get on the ground ok. So I did that and they took some stuff then left.

During all of this I was really thinking man I'm probably not going to be able to sleep tonight very much and was kind of annoyed because of that. And we didn't call the cops. Here they are not like they are in the states. Be thankful for them, they're amazing there. My companion was ticked because they took a bunch of stuff from him that he shouldn't have had like his mp4 player and other stuff. I'm kind of glad for that. I was really calm and I take that as from God indicating to me that "you're doing your best given all of these hard circumstances with your comp and everything, so I'm going to bless you with peace." I'm still rather calm though I'm annoyed as my comp is using this as an excuse to not work at all, so we did nothing this week. There is a blessing to that as I do have a lot of study time.

We have Elder Bowen of the Seventy coming and he is apparently really hard on missionaries. Maybe he'll guilt my companion into doing something, so I'm very excited to hear what he has to say.

We found a new apartment and are going to move in Wednesday and we have a zone conference tomorrow. Interviews I can't wait!

General Conference was amazing, I loved it so much, it was so spiritual and I got to listen to it in English and that was kind of nice. The talk that may have applied the most to me right now was the one on temperance. I don't think I am as humble as I should be and I'm not as patient as I should be and right now I have regular glass protecting me. I need to have tempered glass so that when Satan throws stuff my way I won't be injured, but rather be protected and just continue on in the work of the lord. Also the talk by Elder Holland was very strong, what an amazing talk. And President Uchtdorf's talk about love in the first session was really powerful. Also that talk from President Monson; "what good thing did you do today and ask it every day" is a great thing to do. And lastly what good advice Elder Ballard gave on interviews or something. Thanks Dad and Mom for all of the gospel stuff we did before I left. I really appreciate it now. I know that it's my preparation from you and fantastic leaders that is what is keeping me motivated to be obedient despite the circumstances under which I'm in right now. Thank you.

And thanks so much for everything and send that package with the things I need replaced and hide the valuable stuff well. (Levi had his camera, shaver and some clothes taken)

Thanks so much!