Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry I'm writing a day late. We didn't have internet yesterday for technical errors.

So as for the things that happened this week; well pretty much everything bad that could have happened didn't happen. Thank goodness, but it still wasn't that terribly great.

Our family that is getting baptized (famaly Villar) they I think were out of town so they couldn't make it to church and we couldn't contact them at all. They're now alright but only have Sundays free. So we're going to have to teach them all really fast and in just a few visits in order to baptize them in January. I'm not really sure if they're going to get baptized in January because of the situation. Also I think I'm leaving here the 24th too so I probably won't be around to see their baptism. Such is the life.

We taught this great guy yesterday. We actually were passing by for his wife but to our complete surprise he let us in and he is great; so prepared. It was a fantastic lesson and he loved it all. His name is Marcelo.

All of the others that we were trying to teach went on vacation, so they're all going to get back after I'm probably going to be gone.

Yesterday we went to centro (like downtown) and my companion was looking around for stuff to buy because he is going back to Canada in March. So he was kind of window shopping and I learned later a game that is very Argentine it's called truco and it's really fun.

Well I have to go but thanks for everything!

Elder Sands