Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodness, with Jeff (Elder Winkfield) returning from his mission, I'm going to be the only one in the ward serving! Come on guys, I don't want to be out here all alone!

As for celebrating my birthday; actually, I kind of forgot all about it. It wasn't until a member asked "Your birthday is today ¿no? I was like ummm (looked at my watch for the date) and said yeah, it is. So that's two years in a row that I have forgotten my birthday. But thanks Ashley Simpson and Hna Robledo! I wouldn't have even remembered these two years if it weren't for them.

I heard about Brother (Dr.) Rawlins helping in Haiti; that is so great that he was willing and able to do that. We had heard that is was about completely destroyed! Sounds kind of like the last days. We've actually had a lot of people ask us to pray for the Haitian people as we've talked to them.

As for transfers, everything stayed the same so I'm probably going to stay here in Olavarría for probably three more months but the President may do something different. As for investigators there is an interesting thing with the Famaly Villar; they're not really in our Branch. It is a really complicated situation with them but they are so ready to get baptized. We've also found a ton of new people to teach. We're really trying to organize ourselves a bit better and it's working out great.

Well thanks everyone and have a great week.

Chou, Elder Sands