Wednesday, February, 3, 2010

This week was amazing! Probably the best in terms of work that I've had until this point in the mission. It's amazing what you can do when you're really organized.

As for investigators, the family Villar still haven't gotten baptized, but not for a lack of wanting to, just because they are never home for us to teach them. So we're just going incredibly slow, well at least for this mission. They've already been to church 8 times! That's unheard of down here to have them go that many times. They love the church and know its true and the Book of Mormon too and all of that and not get baptized really fast, but oh well, like the argies say "es lo que hay".

We've also found a ton of people that want to listen, now it just really comes down to who really wants to try and change some things in their life in order to receive the blessings that come from that. There is a peace and a calm in all aspects of our lives. So let's just make the changes and enjoy the blessings.

Elder Sands