Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week was another one of those that just wasn't the best. We had set almost 30 appointments and almost every single one fell though; all but one. O well such is the work. Yesterday however we found some interested people, actually really interested, so we're going to start teaching them.

What's really interesting is that during my mission sometimes it just seems that about everything goes wrong and nothing seems to be working out, but you just pick yourself up and pretty much always that's when I see the best results is after a hard day or a hard week. So I'm now starting to see those people that really are ready to be taught. As for specific people we're teaching a ton of people that all have questions, it's just finding them that seems to be the problem.

We're just getting out of vacations and there's a lot of stuff going on right now for the summer so when we can find them, their great, but when we can't, we just have to wait.

Well we have Zone Conference Friday, so I can't wait! They're always so inspiring!

Well thanks for everything!

Elder Sands