Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To start off I don't think I ever answered the question of Kayte Marx. The mission is really the best two years of my life even though I don't haven't been out two years yet. I love it! It's not the easiest nor the funniest but it is the best, absolutely!

Also to Sister Jones, I just got your letters from January and February and thanks and yes my companion is a really hard worker. In fact he has gone through 6 pairs of shoes. I don't have such bad luck as I'm still on my first but they are a little worn out.

My mission president said something wise, that to measure the success of a missionary is to see where he and the ones he's baptized are spiritually ten years after the mission. So I won't really know for a while just how successful I am, but I'm working on everything I can so that I can say, according to this measure, that I was a successful missionary.

This week, well I'm not going to lie, it could have been better. It was a lot of bad timing and not being in the area. That never helps of course but we're hoping we can get people to church. That is really the only hard part for these people. There are tons of people who we can teach and they'll know that the Book of Mormon and the Church are true but they still won't want to go. If it weren't for that, half of Argentina would already be members, but that's the challenge. As for investigadores well that are coming to church we don't have anyone that isn't waiting for something. One family, flia Villar, still needs to be taught a lot and the others need to get married and another is waiting for a brother to get back on track so he can baptize her or just doesn't want to. That's really it right now. We'll really have to start over with new people next week.

As for the earthquake in Chile, well nothing here happened. I guess going across the country of Chile, across the Andes and then going another 700 miles was just too far the effects to be felt. But there are a couple of missionaries in my zone that their families that were greatly affected. And we do however have two chilanos and one of her family lost everything and she was saying everything! That's sad but everyone here is fine.

Oh transfers, I'll find out what happens this Friday so we'll see who my comp will be and or if I go.

Well thanks, Chou!

Elder Sands