Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wow, I don’t believe it; the missionaries living in the house! I just hope there’s room for me when I get back!

Zone conference was yesterday and it was fantastic! Presidente Detlefsen as always was able to motivate us a lot and to be able to get us pumped.

As for investigators we have one lady that we contacted because her granddaughter wants her to stop smoking so we taught her and well she was finally able to come to church. She’s a nurse and never has Sundays off so she’s on vacations now but says that she might be able to get Sundays off every so often to come because she loves it. She’s named Estella Maris. So apart from that, the German who has come to church, we think for years, is finally getting married! There are always gigantic problems with divorces so sometimes they have to wait years and so lots of people just simply aren’t marred even though they have families and such. So they should be getting married within a month or so and afterwords he’s going to get baptized! His wife is already a member and so are the kids great family and it’ll be great to see him be able to progress now that he’s going to be a full out member and get the priesthood. So such is the life in Argentina.

It is a little bit more complicated right now because of the world cup. When Argentina plays the whole country shuts down completely! I mean no one anywhere in the entire city. In Mar del Plata there were missionaries that live in front of a way busy street and they say not one soul for the entire duration of the game! Crazy! Well anyway I have to say it some where “Go USA” hahaha.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Sands