Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well as for what's going on down here; its World Cup time and it's in full swing. I saw a bit of the USA game today; wow can you say last minute. We had just walked into an investigaters home as it was ending, so my comp and I were pretty content with the win. The people down here are really happy because Argentina is doing so well. If they win we'll have a lot of happy argentines to talk to, but right now when argentina plays, there's nothing we can do as the entire country shuts down!

My companion is Elder Sean Carter. He's an amazing piano player. I've learned from him that I'm not very patiant at all. He reminds me that I don't know anything and I'm not that great. It helps to be humbled and I need that.

It's starting to get cold down here and then I come to learn that Acea is starting in on the swim team! I kind of miss swimming especially because I'm here at the ocean!

So this last week we taught this guy. We told him that there are prophets today. He got so excited! I couldn't quite believe it! We also found this other lady that has a date to get baptized the 24th of July. For causes of work it's a little bit difficult for her to make it to church, but she's great and hopefully she'll be able to make it the next time. Her name is Maria Laura.

Well i hope everyone has a great week enjoy the sun and warm temperatures!


Elder Sands