Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I’m been having some computer issues and have had to get some things off to the Mission President so this letter will be a bit short. But I’ll share a quick thought. Moses in the book of Moses is shown the power and glory of God and that power and glory is incredible. It made me ponder on the thought that we’re nothing next to him, nothing. But, we’re his children and although I don’t understand the love that parents have for their children, I do know it’s strong and His love is perfect. So with all of us, he lets us see a portion of his works and his power. He then leaves us to our own means to an extent, with His help, to be tempted and tried. Then if we overcome the evil one, we see so much more, receive so much more of His power and glory, and we ourselves through these experiences, and through Him, become perfected (Moses 1-great chapter).

Anyway have a great week everyone!

Elder Sands