Wednesday, August 26, 2010

First off I'm still here in Miramar and well let's just say that these last 4 months of nothing; well it finally paid off you might say. Our little branch of 20 active members had over fifty on Sunday and we have fechas or a date (I guess it would be) for them to be baptized. Also two other kids of a less active member are going to be getting baptized. Also yesterday I met the most amazing lady. She has lived through it all and she is totally happy because of her faith in God! So as we begin to talk with her and she closes her business to talk in peace. She also said that while we were talking she could just feel the peace that was being transmitted from us! It was needless to say a great lesson.

So the ward is going to have some kind of change that is going to be weird. Well i look forward to finding out what it is. Also SEBRING IS PUTTING IN HIS MISSION PAPERS! Wow how time flies. Well wherever you go the Lord wants you there and you'll be able to make a difference (I hope it's Spanish speaking). Well I'll be here in Miramar for 6 months! That means that I'll be here for a long time! Jajaja

Well anyway thanks for everything and have a great week.

Elder Sands