Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorry folks, I haven’t had pictures in a while. I haven’t been in a ciber that has been good in a long time and just a few days ago I lost my flash drive! I think I still might be able to find it but I don’t know. If so than I’ve lost almost all of my photos from Miramar; such is life.

Well the President said that I was leaving to my comp; he told him that he needed to take lots of notes because I’m leaving this transfer. So that’s it i don’t really know where; not that’s it’s a surprise, usually more than six months in an area, well it doesn’t happen very often.

So this week was busy! First we had a wedding on Friday! Yeah David and Danella got married and we were there for the signing in the public records place for most of the reception. They’re so great. Then David, Danella, their daughters and a friend and another Lady Andrea got baptized on Saturday! They’re each a miracle! It was a great day to say the least; to see people that are so ready to accept the things of the Lord is such a privilege! I love this work to see the difference that the gospel makes in the lives of people!

Yesterday we went to Otamendi, a little city that is part of the rama to open up the predication more or less and we found this one lady that is also going to get baptized. In the beginning she was hesitant, really hesitant, but by the end she asked us to leave the Book of Mormon so she could read it. The spirit was so strong. My comp and I said things that didn’t make sense in the moment but they were answering her questions that we didn’t even know about!

Well again, this week is transfers and General Conference. I don’t know where I’m going but I know I’ll be where the Lord wants me to be.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Sands