Monday, October 11, 2010


Well you’re all probably wondering why I’m writing on a Monday, well we had P-day change again so here goes a big story/miracle from the week. Let’s just say that it was one crazy Friday. So we leave in the morning and the first contact was a little interesting. He had a fly swatter of metal that was a pretty thick metal and he was playing with it while he talked. He basically was an old crazy guy so he like urges me to give him a short message so that’s what i did. About 3 minutes I talked then he started talking and after about a half hour of him talking about this and that, he starts talking about communism and how we’re communists and how the churches just help to keep the people ignorant and all of that kind of stuff. I decided to tell him that we needed to go. Well he first told me that I was ignorant then he told me that I need to learn patience and then that if we didn’t have time we wouldn’t have stopped in the first place. So he starts to get angry, really angry! I told him that our message is really important and that now we had listened to him for a half hour that now we didn’t have any more time for the moment. So he goes and grabs my arm and hits me on the head with that metal fly swatter thing! As we both start walking away very quickly, my comp also gets hit and so as we’re walking away he’s yelling communists, communists! So after all of that we go looking at a less actives house to see if he was there and a guy comes up to us and says hay I’ve got some people that need the missionary lessons. We’re thinking OK we’re down with that. As we start to follow him he leads us into like a junkyard area and we’re now just hoping that we’re not going to get robbed! However the tender mercies of the Lord were made manifest and we ended up teaching 5 people there that all have a day to get baptized the 30th of this month! We couldn’t believe it. They didn’t come to church because they all thought that it was a 9:30 at night and not in the morning.

Well anyway time is ticking down but Have a great week! Chou!

Elder Sands