Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It was good to talk to you guys. I was a little down that night, we were tired, hot, and weary but I am glad we were only stuck in Dallas for one day. At the airport we were a little bored, but we were able to talk to some great people about life and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also meet a lot of Brazilian members that were flying down to São Paulo and were able to understand a little and talk a little to them.

We were soon on the 9 and a half hour flight, I was sitting with a Brazilian and spoke a little too. I told him I was a missionary for the church but it was hard understanding him and talking with him. Then we made it to the airport and went through customs and I exchanged my money for 16 Reals. We then got on a bus to the CTM/MTC in São Paulo. I was hot, I was sticky and I needed to shave but we were all so happy to finally be in Brazil.

The food here is wonderful, different some times, but wonderful. The rice and beans is served in every meal and it is really tasty. For Breakfast we eat paninees, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. The Guadana is wonderful and it doesn’t really taste like the ginger ale and apple cider mix we had with the Crumps, but it is good.

The Learning and teaching here is different, it is wonderful to be able to speak the language with any Brazilian and they are very nice. They are a bit crazy and full of energy but great people. We also have one Brazilian in our room with his companion from Peru who is learning Portuguese. It is cool to see many Argentinians here as well. There is an Elder Lopez that says he remembers you, but he was speaking in Portuguese at the time so I don´t know for sure.

We are learning a lot more grammar but also focusing on getting to know investigators and teaching to that need. It is hard sometimes with the different situations that we have, it really teaches us to rely on the spirit and also know how to teach to answer their questions.

Wednesday is my P-day. On P-Days we get to go to the temple, it is beautiful and a wonderful time to learn and be edified. Also we get to go out and shop look around and talk with people. The ties down here are very cheap 15 reais for 2 ties or 4-6 bucks a tie.

I got to go but this gospel is true and the work is real and wonderful.

Elder Sands