Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brazil is a wonderful, hot and rainy country. It is great to be here studying the gospel in Portuguese and learning to speak with the native speakers. We are getting to know people in Portuguese before we teach a lesson, is it difficult, but it is easier when you just say the language from the verbs and words you know.

This Friday we are going out into the neighborhood around the CTM and handing out some os Livros de Mormon. It is getting us ready to work and get used to the language; I hope they will understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and the Gospel we are there to share with them.

This past week I have done the most learning so far. Irmão Zamboi, one of my teachers, has been teaching us about learning, growing, changing yourself inside rather than blaming others for not learning, and to apply the principles of the gospel in your life. Every day I learn, and it is great to set goals for learning and to meet them, showing the lord you want to learn and he then helps you do that.

We are able to go out on P-day around the neighborhood and go to shops, mail letters and just talk to the people. The Brazilian people are so nice that they do like to have fun and help you if you just try and open your mouth.

The Food is always wonderful, what I have discovered is that some foods taste a little weird by itself but when you mix it with rice, it is fantastic. I also love this fruit call goiaba which the closest taste it compares to is a current berry but has a lime green skin and dark red on the inside, Levi might have had some. The candy and chocolate is good, but when you mention peanut butter all of the Brazilians go crazy.

This church is true and that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet to translate the Book of Mormon, We need to read it and apply the principles in it in our lives, and we need to develop a testimony of it and a love for it.

I will assume you still love me, I didn’t get your letter this week, I write at 1:00 my time which is 4 hours ahead of Washington time. Are you getting my Emails? I am collecting pictures to send and even some great landscapes for mom.

Até logo, tchau.

Elder Sands