Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don’t have much time, but this past week has been a little crazy with transfers. Right now I am in a new area in Itatiba about 40 south of Campinas. At 10:30pm on Thursday Elder Facer and I got a phone call from our Zone Leaders and they told me that I was being transferred in an emergency transfer the next day. When the call comes we go and do in faith. Don’t worry nothing bad happened but I guess the President is preparing to close Sousas due to lack of missionaries and the work in that area is really weak and needs a period of preparation.

My new companion is Elder Martins a Brazilian who was also trained be my trainer Elder Bennett. He is a little lacks on the rules but gets excited and works well with people.

I will tell you what has occurred in the mission, which is sad and dishearten. Recently, missionaries have been leaving the mission field because they simply do not want to be here. This happen to a great dear friend of mine who just gave up. It is sad because they had so much potential to do good, even being an example to me before the mission field, but now, did not keep his focus on the mission, on helping other people and serving the Lord. And one other thing, on my mission I have witnessed this; it is far easier to serve a mission, find people, teach and baptize, but far harder to be a missionary, which happens by simply following the little rules, becoming like Christ a little at a time. This helps us so much on the mission, and after the mission for the rest of our lives. Those that don’t really live the gospel after the mission didn’t really become a missionary on their mission.

I well send more next week; I love all of you

Tchau, Tchau