Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I can’t believe that Tommie passed away, it seems unreal but we all know where he went and is now and the hope we have. But he will be serving a mission in a different way.

Congratulations Acea, you conquered a task that seemed overwhelming only to those who aren’t willing to work for it. And more importantly your gospel knowledge has grown and capacity to learn and retain more has grown, parabems

I did take the picture, the problem now is finding a place I can send it, but I will do my very best to send it in the next few weeks.

Well It difficult to say anything really interesting, the same things occur every day, find, teach, and baptize. We are working with a wonderful lady who is a great friend of a member in Branch (who gives us a lot of oranges because she pick oranges for a living) Andreia, this lady, came to us and said I really want to quit smoking but have never succeeded, we started out slowly but she has done wonders, she started out with 40 cigarettes a day mais ou menos, right now 5 and every day a little less. We also are working with a young man 12 years old who wants to be baptized really bad, he has read the Book of Mormon all of the way through, but the only difficulty is his dad hasn’t given him permission until now and we hope to baptize him this Sunday.

I don’t have really crazy stories but I will try, our house is by a lot of trees and a stream, every night we get a lot of mosquitoes, my first nights here my arms were covered, and I had a tough time sleeping, now every night we have the fan on and cover my arms and face in bug stray. There is a song in Portuguese a returned missionary from Recefe made sobre the live of a missionary it is funny because everything he says is really true, in one part he sings about a person asking him to do magic, here in São Manuel we get that a lot, yesterday we had to kids come up to us and say faz magica (do magic) i think they were a little disappointed when we said we didn’t know how.

This is what happens here is São Manuel and I will hopefully send the picture soon, but I am doing the best I can with this, finding a nice background you will like. Understanding the way you want me to take it, and the time I have to take it. I have it now and I will send it.

Elder Sands