Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well president Tanner is coming back next week, it was a little strange without him but I know that the mission needed the council of Presidente Pizzirani, I learn a lot from him and will use it for the rest of my life.

This week went good and bad. We are working with a wonderful part member family. The husband has a desire to be baptized but has a strange concept that he is not even ready to go to church, but we got him to commit to come this week and also to a dedication of the newly built Church building in Botucatu. We are also helping them marry so that he can be baptized. We also are helping a elect lady marry so that she can be baptized too. But the sad part is one lady Andreia I talked about last week she was doing well with the smoking but she didn't read at all has no desire to go to church because she is going to another church, that is the hard part about Brazil almost everyone has a religion and they all think that if a church preaches about Christ it doesn't matter which church you go to, and if a man preaches about Christ they have authority. It is hard but we really find the elect that truly what to follow Christ and be baptized.

This last week when we were finding people to teach we ran across an older lady in her 70's that was chopping down a fairly large tree with a machete in such a way that it would have fallen on her if we didn't help. We insisted and we helped, we secured the top of the tree and went to work hacking at it, we eventually succeeded and taught her about the restoration.

I will send the picture soon; just hold on a bit more.

Tchau tchau

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